by Alan Caviness

UFO researcher, George Filer, contributes to thousands of folks in the UFO research community each week with his email update of "Filers Files", a weekly update of some of the most significant recent sightings of-and personal encounters with-unidentified aerial craft and their crews. In Filers Files 2009 - Issue #38, a most fascinating report came to him from two of his subscribers, Richard and Dorothy Buchli.

Using the Google Earth website (which can be downloaded free), the two researchers were scanning the surface of the Moon using the Google Earth photographic data. Google Earth allows its viewers to scan a mosaic of high-resolution photographs of the Moon in a manner simulating flying over the surface. One can use simple controls to go down low and explore craters and other features as small as a few hundred feet in size.

While scanning across the lunar surface, a strange anomaly was observed in the moon's Sea of Serenity. Further inspection indicated an artificial structure on the surface. The structure could be a surface facility or possibly a spacecraft of unknown origin. Whatever it is, it does not have characteristics of any natural features. Many 90 degree angles can be seen in its construction.

I personally went to the Google Earth website to see if I could find the object, myself, using longitude and latitude coordinates given to George Filer by the discoverers. I was able to locate the anomaly without any difficulty and saved several pictures to my computer as I "flew" around the object at various simulated altitudes.

Strange anomalies on the surface of the Moon are not something new. As far back as the late 1700's, astronomers peering through telescopes have reported strange lights and shadows on the surface- some showing apparent movement across the lunar terrain. In 1847, for example, "luminous points of light were observed on the Moon during an eclipse-when the entire moon is covered in earth's shadow. Astronomer Sir John Herschel claimed to have seen on many occasions lights that seemed to be moving above the surface of the moon. Many astronomers have observed strange lights in craters that seemed to move and change formations as if under intelligent control.

Astronomer W.H. Pickering, discoverer of the ninth moon of Saturn (Phoebe), observed certain peculiar dark areas that seemed to move across the floor inside the crater "Eratosthenes" (pronounced "erra toss then eez). He eventually began to wonder if what he was witnessing might be migrating life forms. Risking his reputation, Pickering reported 20 miles of movement in a 12-day period inside that crater.

Many more strange lunar anomalies have been detected over the years. The craters "Eratosthenes", "Plato", "Littrow", and "Aristarchus" are among the locations most noted for unexplained anomalous activity.

It must be emphasized, however, that strange lights on the Moon-just like strange lights in our skies here on Earth-can turn out to have ordinary explanations. In recent times, while looking through my sizable backyard telescope, I marveled at a bright light just inside the dark portion of a half-moon. It shined like a small star. I could not figure out what it was. But, rather than jump to conclusions, I photographed the anomaly and compared the picture with professional observatory photographs of the moon's surface. I eventually found that a single mountain stood by itself on a flat plain exactly where I had observed the anomaly. At that location on the moon, the time of day was either dawn or sunset (due to a very low sun angle).

The upper half of the mountain peak extended just high enough to reflect sunlight while the surrounding lower elevations were already engulfed in darkness. If the light had been observed much farther away from the day/night line, (or terminator) then it could very well have been a truly unexplained anomaly.

However, barring any possibility that Google Earth photos could have been somehow successfully tampered with by hoaxers, the lunar anomaly photo sent to George Filer leaves little doubt as to artificial origin. The structure is said by its discoverers to be over 500 feet long.

For those interested in discovering this anomaly for themselves, one can follow these steps:

-Download Google Earth
-Obtain Google Earth home page
-Click on View
-Click on Explore
-Click on Moon
-Place the following coordinates into the box located at left:

19  58  48.31° N  //  21  11   35.57° E

For more information regarding strange activity on the Moon, The Lunascan Project at is a good place to go on the Internet.

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