Why People Think What They Do About The UFO Phenomenon

The so-called UFO phenomenon is multi-faceted—full of many kinds of claims by many kinds of people. And, it is poked and prodded and exploited in many ways by many kinds of people. But, contrary to what the science community, the religious community and the news media of the western world would like everyone to think, the entire UFO phenomenon is dominated by none other than…normal people. Yes, normal people. And, I know this for a fact—because I have gone out and into the actual real world and found what I believe to be a good sampling of those people. And, rarely, have I had to deal with anyone that was “wacko”. As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised, initially, at the absence of wackos in the witness and “experiencer” community and the UFO researcher community. In most cases, I found these people to be intelligent, psychologically sound and well-balanced, puzzled and curious—yet, not quick to draw conclusions—having no desire for attention for fear of being ridiculed or losing their jobs—and a sincere desire for truth and a better understanding of what we call “reality”. Uninformed people may roll their eyes at the mention of this subject and the people involved in it, but I actually feel blessed and a bit humbled to be a member of this honorable group of human beings.

The science community cannot make “heads nor tails” of the UFO phenomenon, so they generally want it to just go away. The religious community fears that there will be no room for God in all this, so they simply ignore it. And, the news media are scared of the entire phenomenon—as evidenced by the nervous chuckles one commonly sees among news anchors when presenting UFO articles on the 6:00 o’clock news…when the witnesses they interview make the story a little too serious for comfort.

Fortunately, TV documentary crews have actually gone out, investigated and uncovered different aspects of the UFO phenomenon. And, they have allowed researchers and experiencers to reveal to the public what they have found—in a format that the public can take seriously. Documentary crews spend more time than ordinary reporters on UFO-related matters, and they discover more. Unfortunately, much valuable information ends up never making it into final editing due to production restraints. But, over the years, TV documentaries have made average citizens in The United States much more familiar with the phenomenon—helping them to find the UFO phenomenon at least plausible, if not acceptable—leaving the science community, the religious community and the news media behind.

This is a phenomenon, I predict, that the public will come to terms with long before authority ever does. And, because it has involved intelligent, nonhuman beings with their own histories and their own agendas, the UFO phenomenon has become huge and far-reaching—so much so that it poses a threat not so much to the human race but to the status quo of people involved in actually running the human race on this planet. Disturbing the status quo is not popular with the global elite of this world. I am referring to governments, religions, the science community, world banks, the military and various corporations—where power and big money is a common denominator.

So, it appears to me that the religious community does not know how to make room for this phenomenon. The science community doesn’t want it because they cannot put it into a beaker and repeatedly test it and control it. The military takes a neutral stance to the public but works hard in secret to find out everything it can about these nonhuman violators of military air space and their mysterious technologies. Many of the corporations work secretly to develop alien technology pulled from these mystery craft and their operators. So, it looks like the regular, everyday, normal people of this world will have to figure it all out on their own.

Thirty years ago, I could not talk seriously to many people about UFOs. Today, most people have been awakened to the fact that something is going on and knowledge is being hidden. Ultimately, people will have to acknowledge UFOs as things of an otherworldly nature. And, that is because UFOs are real.