Unidentified Flying Objects—commonly called UFOs and thought to be of extraterrestrial origin—are real. I have seen them. It is not a question of belief. The only possible explanation I can conceive for them not being real is if someone unknown possesses the extraordinary physics knowledge, the technology and mind control capability to convince millions of educated human beings—worldwide— that they are witnessing something that is actually not there. I think that assuming these mysterious lights and strange structured vehicles to be real is more plausible and realistic. My conclusions manifested in this website are based on the idea that UFOs are indeed real. The overall evidence, I feel, clearly leans in this direction. Otherwise, this phenomenon would have to be the result of the most elaborate deception in human history. Either way, we should give it our undivided attention and try to uncover the nature of this phenomenon. It could prove to be enlightening—or, it could prove to be threatening to an unfathomable degree. We would be wise to find out which—while we can. (click a title below)

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The so-called UFO phenomenon is multi-faceted-full of many kinds of claims by many kinds of people. And, it is poked and prodded and exploited in many ways by many kinds of people. But, contrary to what the science community, the religious community and the news media of the western world would like everyone to think, the entire UFO phenomenon is dominated by none other than ....normal people.

Triangular UFO Sightings
A recent worldwide phenomenon involves the sighting of large triangular shaped craft with three or more lights in a fixed pattern. These craft have been spotted hovering or gliding silently overhead concealing the stars over a large area of the night sky. Although details vary somewhat, the overall descriptions are strikingly similar.