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During the night of August 31, 1989 near Munich, Germany, two men—a biologist and a lawyer—saw a large, black, triangular craft—approximately 30 meters across—with a white light on the underside at each corner and a red light in the center. The craft was slowly floating at an estimated 50 meters above the ground and at a distance of only 100 meters from the observers. The craft was reported to make no sound. This would be the only daylight sighting reported for the wave of sightings about to begin in upcoming months.

At approximately 10:30am local time, on November 29, 1989, an aluminum-colored triangle craft was reported by a Belgian army major who watched it from approximately 2 kilometers away. This was the first of over 145 independent UFO sightings reported to police on this day in rural areas of Belgium.

At 5:20pm, two police officers were checking out reports from several local residents, and both saw a dark triangle-shaped craft estimated to be approximately 30 meters across. It was seen moving slowly and deliberately—as though it was looking for something—and maintained an altitude of approximately 120 meters above the ground. The craft was reportedly 6 meters thick from top to bottom and had three white corner lights on the underside. A central red light was noted and witnessed detaching from the craft and flying independently. A slight dome was seen on the top side and what appeared to be square windows along the sides. Following the object in their car, the two police officers later witnessed a second triangle rising from a wooded area to meet with the first craft at approximately 6:45pm. It maintained an estimated altitude of 100 meters. The police reportedly observed the objects for approximately two hours.

In December of 1989, Colonel Andre Amond, a civil engineering officer in the Belgian army got out of his car with his wife to witness a similar craft flying low and slow aiming a beam of light down to the ground as though searching for something. The craft suddenly flew away at a very high rate of speed.

Triangles and other types of UFOs appeared over Belgium again on the night of March 30-31, 1990. National police again spotted a 3-light configuration flying in the sky and contacted the radar station at nearby Glons, Belgium. Glons acknowledged the radar target on their screens and contacted the NATO radar station at Semerzake who confirmed the same unknown target. Another radar station at Zaventem eventually tracked the UFO, as well. Two Belgian Air Force jet fighters were then scrambled at Beaurechain to chase down the craft and try to identify it since it was executing an unauthorized invasion of Belgian air space. Both pilots had the same radar return on their radar scopes at times but were unable to get a visual on the object or objects in the area at the time. The jet interceptors were able to get missile locks on the craft at various times, but the craft would somehow jump off missile lock and take dramatic, evasive maneuvers changing speeds from approximately 170 mph to 1100 mph almost instantaneously and changing altitudes as dramatically. The jets eventually returned to base without incident and the radar tapes were analyzed by the Belgian Air Force’s Electronic War Center.

An artists rendition of a triangle UFO

At least 800 cases were carefully investigated, ultimately, in a joint effort between the government and the civilian community. The officer in charge of operations during the jet scramble in March 1990, Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer (later, General), made the following public statement after a thorough investigation: One could refer to an extraterrestrial observation… And I think that’s an option which…or an assumption which…should not be excluded. I’m not saying it was extraterrestrial…but, it’s an assumption that should not be excluded.

Professor Emile Scweicher analyzed the radar tapes and was asked if the radar returns could have been technical anomalies in the radar equipment. He stated publicly, I don’t think that you can explain it by saying that all radars made the same mistake; that’s highly unlikely. There are different types of radar. There are different types of antennae… And, also, the orientation of the target was different for the four radars. I’m going to be fired by my colleagues. But, I think that extraterrestrial intelligence is very highly likely.

It is important to note that many interviewed witnesses during the Belgian wave of sightings estimated the craft they saw to be approximately one football field in length (300 feet)—which corresponds to the estimated size of the object in the Greensboro, NC sighting.

Triangles were reported as late as September 7, 1994. On the Mediterranean island of Corsica, a professional flight instructor watched from the beach as a triangle-shaped craft approached from the ocean at approximately 25,000 feet travelling at an estimated 450 knots. On the underside of the craft were three corner lights yellow-white in color with a pulsing red light in the center. On the rear of the craft, the witness reported two smaller white lights.The craft was observed to make a very impressive 90 degree turn instantly without slowing down. Mass sightings of triangles were reported in France and Germany on November 5, 1990. One triangle was observed to be floating for about 5 minutes with small jets of vapor emitting from its base.

No actual triangle landings were ever reported during the Belgian wave between 1989 and 1993, but SOBEPS, a highly recognized private research group headquartered in Brussels received over 900 reports where witnesses reported triangles in close proximity (within 300 meters). Many variations of triangle shapes were reported. And, many were observed close to the ground moving slowly—sometimes employing what appeared to be searchlights. However, in some cases, the light beams were seen to end without reaching all the way to the ground (truncated). Normally, the craft were reported to make a low, humming sound or no sound at all. In some cases, they shook entire buildings as they went by. No crews were seen by witnesses, but the entire wave of up-close-and-personal sightings seemed to indicate that the operators of these craft wanted human beings to be aware of their existence.
(Right - witness sketches of triangular UFO's)

Similar triangle craft have been reported throughout modern history and are not new to the scene:

1945 – Berlin, Germany – A German soldier witnessed a gray, metallic triangle craft moving low and slow making no noise. He thought at the time it was a last-minute secret weapon for Hitler.

1949 – Nampa, Idaho – Daylight sighting of a pinkish-bluish triangle object that suddenly disappeared in place.

1956 – Hungary – four triangles observed for six minutes.

1977 – Petrosavodsk, USSR – Bright, luminous orange-white triangle, 30-40 meters across, flying fast.

1978 – Atlantic Ocean – Cosmonaut General Pavel Popovich reported a triangle flying parallel to his airplane at 30,000 feet while flying from the United States to Russia.

1990 – Hamburg, Germany – Amateur astronomers reported seeing a triangle 70 meters across and 300 meters in altitude surrounded by luminous dust or mist. Moved away at high speed.

1990 – Koblenz, Germany – Triangle seen hovering for approximately 10 minutes at an altitude of 75 feet. Yellow-white corner lights on underside with a blue central light. Triangles were also reported in 10 other cities that day.

1990 – Kehlheim, Germany – November 5th - Triangle seen with luminous jet streams issuing out the sides.

Large, triangular craft of unknown origin continue to be reported to this day in the United States and around the world.

It would seem illogical for any secret military project of such high technology to expose itself to the public for any reason.

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