Although my investigations have been related primarily to UFO research, I found that there is a stubbornly inexplicable connection between UFOs and the world of the supernatural. Too often, I have interviewed UFO witnesses who have also claimed supernatural experiences in their past, as well. And, vice-versa. I set out with individuals I knew to have had UFO experiences; I witnessed UFOs with them on several occasions. Like many, they had also claimed various supernatural events in their lives. I was taken to a supposedly haunted building with these people to investigate for ghosts. Some of the things I was told to expect did indeed occur. And, it only took one visit to determine that ghosts do exist. What they are remains elusive. But, I do know that they are intelligent and invisible. My ultimate question is; what is the connection between UFOs and the supernatural?
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Some of my colleagues had finally convinced me to go “ghost-hunting” with them. Being totally involved in UFO research, I was not very interested in ghosts, per se, But October 30th, 2004 proved to be a pivotal point in my life.....