To me, this is probably the most intriguing aspect of the paranormal research and investigations I have done. I originally made the mistake of thinking that, if people are indeed having encounters with alien beings, as claimed, then these occurrences would be rare or uncommon, at best. My investigations have clearly shown that just the opposite is true. Encounters from beyond are extremely common. But, witnesses to these events commonly share their experiences with few people or none at all due to ridicule and other social factors—and, in some cases, because they might have been subconsciously instructed to not reveal their encounter with anyone. Almost everyone in the United States knows someone who is either aware or unaware of having encounters with intelligent beings of unknown origins. That's how large the phenomenon has become—according to what I have found. (click a title below)

Alien Encounter Articles

Lime Grove Incident - Miami Florida
May 1992 - Miami, FL - Late afternoon, female wildlife researcher kt Frankovich took her dogs for a walk in a nearby lime grove. Inside the thick vegetation of the grove, she heard a knocking sound like a tree being struck with a heavy stick. Looking into the area she believed the sound was coming from she suddenly caught sight of a humanoid-shaped being staring directly at her....


Military Encounter with a UFO
Alan recalls an incident at Cecil Field Naval Air Station in Florida in 1989. A past shipmate tells him about the disappearance of two F-14 Tomcat fighter jets from Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station in Puerto Rico. Little did Alan know that his UFO investigations would reunite him with that incident.

Scoop Marks and Alien Abductions
In September of 2001 a truck driver discovered that a strange surgical incision had suddenly appeared on his chest. The victim had no recollection of any such surgery or incident that would have caused such a mark to appear. After extensive investigation into the matter he concluded that he had been the victim of an abduction- but by WHO?

Incident at Allen Jay
A female resident of Allen Jay (an area just southeast of High Point, North Carolina) reported awakening in the middle of the night extremely thirsty and got up to get herself a glass of water. While at the kitchen sink, something unusual in the night sky got her attention.

A Perspective on the Alien Abduction Phenomenon
Have you seen a UFO? Have you ever been abducted by aliens? If you've seen UFOs on more than one occasion, chances are you've already been abducted. In this article on the escalating abduction problem, Alan takes you through the facts, figures and signs of possible personal abduction without your knowledge or recollection of the event. In addition, there's helpful information to continue an investigation on your own. If your life has changed after a UFO encounter, you need to read this article.

Photo Gallery
The Flatwoods "Monster"
Just as it was getting dark on September 12, 1952, a flaming light was seen crossing the sky into the small community of Flatwoods located in Braxton County, West Virginia. The time was approximately 7:25 pm. Extraordinary reports of an extraterrestrial craft and a strange creature would come from the local town folks, later that evening.