UFO Incident at Exeter

by Alan Caviness

In the summer of 1965, at least 60 residents of the area surrounding Exeter, New Hampshire claimed to have seen strange lights and craft of unknown origins travelling through their skies. In many cases, they were seen at very low altitudes and very close to the witnesses. Peace Air Force Base was located nearby with its B-47 and B-52 Bomber aircraft squadrons.

On the night of September 2nd, going into the 3rd, 1965, Police Officer Eugene Bertrand pulled into the Exeter police station. He had just found a woman in a car parked on the side of a road, upset, claiming that a strange, huge, silent, aerial craft with flashing red lights had followed her in her car at very close range for several miles then shot away up into the sky. She was trying to regain her composure when the officer had arrived on the scene at Route 101. The officer thought the woman was crazy and did not even bother to call it in. Officer Bertrand had been a member of the US Air Force and had worked with aircraft extensively. But, when he walked into the police station, he saw a young man inside the station-who had earlier been walking on Route 150-talking to Officer Reginald Toland, the desk officer on duty. The young man had arrived at the police station only minutes before Officer Bertrand. He was in the process of reporting to the desk officer that he had just seen a large, silent, disk-shaped craft-approximately 80 to 90 feet in diameter-with red pulsating lights around its rim. The craft had apparently descended from the sky and came so low that the young man dove down onto the shoulder of the road thinking it might hit him. The object then backed away, wobbled, and moved directly over a house and hovered. The witness escaped the scene and flagged down a passing motorist who dropped him off at the police station.

The young man seemed to be describing the same craft as what the female motorist had just seen. Officer Bertrand took the young man with him to the field along Route 150 where the object had been seen. They arrived at a field and got out of the patrol car carrying a flashlight. They saw nothing at first. Moments later, however, nearby horses and dogs began to wail. The young man shouted that he could see the craft. Officer Bertrand turned around and saw the craft and its red lights rising up from behind trees moving erratically to a position approximately 300 feet away and at an altitude of approximately 100 feet (30 meters). At that point, Officer David Hunt arrived in his patrol car and also saw the craft. All three observers watched the object gradually move away until it was out of sight.

By 3:00am, Peace Air Force Base was alerted. The following afternoon brought Air Force officers out to the site. There, Major Thomas Griffin and Lieutenant Alan Brandt interviewed police officers Bertrand and Hunt as well as the young man, Norman Muscarello. The Air Force officers took the information with them to eventually notify Wright-Patterson Air force Base in Ohio where a team of scientists would study the information. Standard procedure was for the information to be sent to the Pentagon. No announcements would be forthcoming from the Pentagon. As usual, the military would later claim that normal, manmade craft had probably caused all the commotion and that no extraterrestrial craft was likely responsible for the sightings. If not conventional aircraft, then a temperature inversion in the sky. If not an inversion, then certain stars visible at the time were simply mistaken and misidentified.

The sightings of UFOs during this time were not limited to the Exeter area. Many parts of southern New Hampshire as well as numerous areas along the eastern United States were being visited by these intruders. Even military bases.

Curiously, Mexico was being inundated with UFO sightings during the summer of 1965.

Later that day, many local callers reported to the police station that they had been seeing UFOs in recent days. More UFOs would be seen in upcoming days.

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