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What Aliens Look Like

This is difficult. According to research, most people who have had alien encounters have described several different types of intelligent beings that can fall into several categories. However, it is common knowledge that virtually all these beings can manipulate the thoughts and perceptions of human beings. In many encounters, for example, human beings have been made to think they were in a place totally different from where they were in reality. Likewise, these beings have the ability to appear in different forms to human beings, such as a normal human or an everyday animal.

Since these beings have the ability to manipulate the human mind so well, any information gathered from people who have had encounters may or may not be accurate. It is all assumption and has not been confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt. How the majority of observations are perceived may very well be under the control of the aliens.

Over the years, several distinct types of beings have been commonly reported, with the so-called "Greys" being at the top of the list. These Greys, as they have come to be known due to early reports of a greyish color, are humanoid in appearance and usually short in stature (approximately 3.5 feet tall, or about one meter). They are often described, though, in various colors. They appear similar to an overgrown human fetus with an oversized head and a small, thin body. They have large, completely dark eyes with no distinguishable white areas. Often, taller Greys are seen among them and usually seem to be in charge.

Humanoid beings with a reptile-like appearance are reported as "Reptilians". They are often described as bipedal (two-legged) in nature, with dinosaur-like features similar the T-rex.

In a few cases, beings that resemble an oversized Praying Mantis have been reported. As with the greys, their eyes are large and dark with no white showing. They are called "Insectoids". These beings tend to be taller than a human and have demonstrated very strong mental powers.

Down through the years, many other cases have involved beings that looked human or near human. These beings are called the "Nordics" because of their Scandinavian features. Their bodies are very trim and well proportioned. The eyes are often reported to be larger than that of a normal human being and often with no white outer area. They usually have long hair and wear one-piece uniforms. Normally, they are seen to be very well-proportioned and trim-coming in both male and female form.

On occasion, very human-looking beings wearing familiar military uniforms have been seen during abduction events. These could be real military people somehow connected with the abduction phenomenon.

There are also reported "Light Beings" that appear as a glowing energy form, sometimes seen in vertical shapes and sometimes seen as small spheres of light.

Reports of "Shadow Beings" are becoming increasingly common and are reported to be similar to actual shadows but in a three-dimensional form. They usually lack any distinguishable form, but sometimes take on a distinct human shape. Strangely, many witnesses report their shapes as that of a more sinister figure with an apparent hat that reminds one of a Dick Tracy character. In many cases, witnesses report a strong feeling of evil associated with a shadow being's presence. They are generally caught staring intensely at the witness. In most cases, they are seen only for a few seconds.

On rare occasions, distinctly different alien forms have been reported, but the above-mentioned types are by far the most common----especially the Greys.

Without knowing the nature of these creatures, their histories, or where these creatures abide, it is impossible to trust the accuracy of what people are reporting. It is within the realm of possibility, at least, that we human beings have never truly seen these creatures as they really are but only what they want us to see. One conclusion is apparent; they know a lot more about us than we do them.

How to Determine if You Are an Alien Abductee

The classic abduction scenario can be described as waking up in the middle of the night and finding that you cannot move any part of your body; perhaps the eyes but nothing else. In some instances, it seems as though something or someone is in the room with you. Without looking, you seem to know the exact location of where something may be lurking----perhaps by the foot of your bed or off to the side. You focus on wondering what is going on. You feel that something is just not right, but you can't figure out what. Seemingly after a few minutes, the paralysis effect slowly diminishes and you can move your arms and legs again. You look around and no one is there. Nothing seems to be out of place. You puzzle over the experience for the next few days. Eventually, you forget about it or file it away in the back of your mind. Your life goes on.

To the confused individual in this case, there is no suspicion that an alien abduction may have taken place. However, the above scenario begs the possibility of much more than mere Sleep Paralysis. What may have just happened in such a seemingly uncomplicated scenario is this:

You awaken and quickly realize that you are paralyzed. You don't understand why you are so suddenly wide awake from a deep sleep. Nor do you understand why you cannot move any part of your body. Suddenly, large black eyes are staring into your face from only inches away. Naturally, you feel a jolt of fear unlike anything you've ever felt before. Yet only a few seconds later, something inside tells you that it's okay and there's no need to feel fear. Then suddenly, without any help from yourself, the fear simply goes away. This is something you cannot make yourself do, even in a dream. Then you might notice you are being moved out of your room, but your feet are not touching the floor. There are strange beings-or at least hazy shapes----on both sides of you. They are rather frail looking but have the large, black eyes. You may or may not be able to see them clearly in your altered mental state.

Next thing you know, you are in an unknown location, laying on your back on a table, with several of those creatures around you. They are all focused on you. You somehow know they are going to do something to you (perhaps from previous experiences), but you do not consciously know what. Most of the beings are short but one may be tall and appear to be the leader. You still do not feel fear, but deep down inside you would really like to get the heck out of there; or, at least, find out what the heck is going on. The next thing you remember, you are back in your bed. The memory of everything that happened just suddenly goes away and you fall into a deep sleep, even though you do not feel a bit sleepy. The next morning, you awaken to a new day without the slightest clue that anything had happened the night before. Or, you may remember the beginnings of the weird circumstances but not enough to make any sense to you.

Such is a simplified version of a typical abduction experience. What really happens is still more involved. These beings are known to be able to talk to their abductees telepathically. They also know how to get inside the mind of a human being and communicate directly, either by mental voices, or by impressions. Moreover, the human subject can communicate back through the same channels. The abductors seem to understand the actual nature of human thought, an advantage that we don't have. Furthermore, they seem to possess a thorough working knowledge of the human brain. They seem to possess neurological control over our minds and can keep us in a confused, catatonic state whenever they wish. Whether they accomplish this through technology or natural ability, no one knows. They can also plant certain thoughts into a person's mind to make them recall even a "false" memory, rather than the actual memory of their encounter; thus making the facts doubly difficult to sort out, later. For example, a human may suddenly be standing before an alien being, but the alien being can make the human perceive it as an owl or deer or any other ordinary animal that is considered by most humans to be harmless. To the human, the owl or deer is totally real by any measure. But, sometimes, under hypnosis, the animal can be revealed to be an alien, and an abduction event revealed, if one has occurred. Sometimes, suppressed memories may start to surface on their own and the abductee may start experiencing bizarre memory flashes and glimpses of an encounter, leading eventually to the conclusion that mysterious things are going on in their lives that they are only just beginning to realize.

The majority of people who I strongly suspect to be abductees do not know they are being abducted. (Some do. But, most don't.) They know they have had a few strange, and possibly even paranormal, experiences that do not make sense to them. But, they find plenty of ways to cope. They tell themselves that it could easily have been a dream or a superfluous memory that somehow just popped into their head. Or, because the events seem real but at the same time could not be real, it could just simply be a "glitch" in the brain. After all, no one in authority in our society and most other societies around the world openly claim that mysterious things like this are actually happening to people (things that could fall into the category of "paranormal"----from aliens to ghosts). Therefore, something must be wrong in the individual's interpretation of the strange events.

Such experiences might include seeing a strange light not too far away moving around in the sky in a way that no airplane, helicopter or balloon possibly could. Or, having a small sphere of light suddenly come into one's bedroom at night and float around the room. Or, awaking in bed totally paralyzed with a strong feeling that someone is in the room. No, we are taught that these things fall into the category of things that are not supposed to happen in our world. Therefore, regardless of how real something seems to be, the answer must lie in an obviously mistaken interpretation of events. Of course, if events turn out to be very scary and horrifying, there is always the escape hatch of "denial". That works well for some people. However, most of the people in the majority really do not wrestle with the matter to any extent. They are left confounded. But ultimately they end up assuming that it's just some quirky thing in life that doesn't matter. Their busy lives prevent them from dwelling on it and whatever has happened soon becomes a faint memory that later seems like it may not have happened at all…

However, others I have known are not the types to just let some set of odd circumstances in their lives go unresolved. They dwell on it. They are suspicious and keep reminding themselves that something is not right. They realize that they have to get on with their everyday lives, but they feel that they might be getting manipulated in some way and feel a strong, perhaps subconscious, need to expose whatever it is, and that whatever it is might be of great importance. They are aware of the daily deceptions we all face from the usual sources----advertising, the news media, government, etc. They are not quick to believe anyone who tells them that nothing is happening to them. After all, they have never experienced hallucinations or delusions of any other kind before. So, why this? They, of course, realize that they cannot freely go to just anyone they know and expect a rational and helpful response. They fear ridicule from their friends, relatives and acquaintances, as well as the looming possibility of losing their jobs if they talk about it in the workplace. And, most of all, they subconsciously fear their unknown abductors.

Eventually they start searching libraries and bookstores to learn about paranormal subjects and quickly begin to confirm in their minds that they may be having true, bona-fide paranormal experiences, themselves. After all, other people seem to be having them, and some of those cases seem very similar to what the abductee suspects he or she might have experienced. These people start connecting the dots and begin to realize that there is a hidden side to life that few human beings are even aware of; something apparently beyond the five senses. These people, in many cases, try to educate themselves on matters that might relate to their experiences, whether it be ghosts, UFOs, aliens, strange creatures or the like. If they ever meet a paranormal investigator, they are often ready to talk and usually have a lot of questions. Often, an investigator can get them to start watching carefully for certain things to help them in exploring their personal situation in the long term; things like noting the time when the next apparently paranormal event happens, or keeping notes instead of relying on memory after a suspicious event, or checking their bodies daily for suspicious bruises or even fresh surgery.

When an individual determines that something is suddenly not right, it is important to stop and search one's memory for any unusual or anomalous events that may have occurred prior. Perhaps it was something minor, yet, unusual that happened only minutes before, or even earlier that day. Perhaps it was something that did not seem to make sense at the time but was dismissed as unimportant, like any type of personal reaction or behavior that is not normal, or perhaps a casual reaction to an event that should have brought forth a strong reaction. I find, too, that looking at the timing of an occurrence can often reveal that something occurred that was not random.

Sleep Paralysis

I cannot emphasize enough that the condition called, "Sleep Paralysis", is most often, (if not always) an indicator that paranormal events are happening----especially in the case of alien abductions. My field experience clearly contradicts the views of skeptics. I do wish to point out, however, that, down through the centuries, this condition has been reported to occur during other kinds of encounters such as with "demons" and other strange beings from the "spirit world" or "underworld". Certain members of the science community have recently tried to debunk Sleep Paralysis as a symptom of alien abductions claiming it is nothing more than a certain neurological state that often happens during sleep. Although, they have made interesting findings, their findings do not explain away Sleep Paralysis as being unrelated to anything paranormal-even though they try to do so. Their conclusions are still based on assumptions that they cannot see.

All of the hard data in the world is of no value if it all rests on a floating layer of assumption…

One of the very first questions I ask during an interview with possible abductees is if they have ever experienced a feeling of paralysis where they cannot move any part of their body (perhaps the eyes, but nothing else). Many often answer, "Yes". In almost every one of these cases, I know I am about to uncover a history of paranormal experiences regardless of what the individual knows or doesn't know about his or her own circumstances. I have seldom found a situation where someone who has experienced Sleep Paralysis has not also been able to recall strange events in their lives that can be regarded as paranormal in nature. The few who do not recall any paranormal events may simply not remember them consciously. So, it could be that Sleep Paralysis may indeed be a reliable marker to reveal paranormal activity in one's life, regardless of what skeptics say.

As mentioned earlier, some members of the science community have been actively researching the medically acknowledged condition of Sleep Paralysis in current times. But, these researchers have not been studying the condition merely to explore its nature, they are simply trying to find enough data to debunk it having anything to do with paranormal matters----especially relating to aliens. Their presentations are scientific in nature but their methodology is not scientifically sound. They are reporting their conclusions as facts even though they are based on fundamental assumptions. This is not science, it is pseudoscience. Their conclusions are biased and poorly thought out. They are going into their investigations as skeptics and coming out as skeptics. They conduct their research this way because most of the work in today's scientific community is largely based on assumption rather than confirmable fact.

The science community's infrastructure is a huge bureaucracy based more on politics than scientific ethics. This could easily be why the science community is better at producing technology for the military and the government than focusing on simply enlightening humankind with knowledge about the Cosmos and our place in it. If members of the science community make a paranormal discovery, they will not be granted further funding for their work and will have a tough time remaining in the mainstream science community if they complain that they are being stonewalled by "the powers that be". Plus, they will suffer ridicule from colleagues who are already committed to walking in lockstep with the status quo. The science community's job is not to enlighten humankind; it is to control what everybody thinks by keeping everybody thinking within certain boundaries. Controlling the masses is always a number one concern for those in charge of running the world.

In the meantime, I am wondering then, why is it that I have seen extraterrestrial craft and have experienced abductions while the government still acts as though it knows nothing about these things? Someone in government has to know something; why all the secrecy? And, where is the science community on these issues? They have had over sixty years to figure all this out with their huge resources, yet today, I know much, much more about UFOs and their occupants than has ever been publicly confirmed or announced by any members of reputable authority. That, in my view, is proof of an ongoing cover-up. What other explanation could there be?

Unfortunately, most people have to personally see a UFO in order to believe. I can certainly understand that. But, this is wherein the dilemma lies for those who know about the paranormal world. How does one wake up a world that has been lulled to sleep?

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