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Becoming Aware of the Abduction Phenomenon

In order for the average citizen of the world to gain a bit of insight into the abduction phenomenon, background knowledge on this matter is important----and there exists quite a bit, nowadays, thanks to the efforts of several pioneer researchers and others over the past few decades. Fortunately, I have been able to personally confirm some of their findings. But first, a little history.

I think it is safe to say that the UFO phenomenon of today actually got going during the years of World War II. Before that, UFOs and aliens were reported down through history but not on any large scale (keeping in mind, also, that the world had a much smaller human population for reporting in the past). As a matter of fact, it is quite possible that the "angels" and other entities reported in ancient times could be the same types of entities that are being reported, today. But, reports of unidentified flying objects and, on occasion, personal encounters with non-human beings dramatically increased shortly after the human race learned how to split atoms and create huge nuclear explosions around the world. That seemed to wake up the alien world-probably with good reason, in my opinion. (It is conceivable, to me, that nuclear explosions could be powerful enough----especially right at the center- to bleed into other realms or dimensions----where the aliens might dwell. In other words, disturbing the space-time continuum that scientists say we human beings live within.)

UFOs were occasionally reported buzzing military bomber missions in World War II. The immediate inclination on all sides was to think that these were likely new enemy secret weapons. A few, isolated incidents of UFOs (including the famous Roswell crash in 1947) began getting reported in the western United States---- especially in the areas where nuclear bomb tests were being conducted. A few waves of UFO reports began occurring in various parts of the world during the latter half of the 1940's. UFO activity reportedly picked up heavily in the early 1950's and even put Washington, DC on high alert. Word on the street was that the United States and the Soviet Union began realizing by then that UFOs were not somebody's secret weapon of human manufacture. Both sides began engaging them over their own soil and trying to force them down or destroy them to find out just what they were.

    Military encounters with UFOs (formerly called "Foo Fighters")

According to highly credible testimony over the years, some UFOs were shot down and their crews killed or captured. Likewise, some military aircraft and their human crews were either destroyed or captured during some of these engagements. I am personally aware of one such circumstance that occurred while I was in the U.S. Navy in 1988. Four humans were apparently captured in that incident while, in other incidents over the years, a few UFO occupants were captured from time to time. The government kept very quiet on the fates of any of these prisoners on either side and refused to admit any such events ever took place. Back then, reports of abductions among the general populations around the world did occur but were reported very rarely. The alien abduction phenomenon was still largely overlooked in the 1950's, '60's and '70's. But, some concerned citizens had become serious researchers as far back as the 1950's and began publishing books on the subject of UFO sightings. Slowly, public awareness grew. The 1951 movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, reflected a connection to UFOs having extraterrestrial origins----with a message that the human race had better start looking up and waking up. By this time in history, people were associating UFOs with extraterrestrial visitors from outer space.

As secretive as both our human governments and the UFO crews have tried to be, human awareness of UFOs and even alien abductions have proven to be an inevitability. Small paperback books began popping up at bookstores showing that isolated sightings of unidentified flying objects and occasional creature sightings were becoming more frequent to the point that an overall big picture of the entire phenomenon was beginning to emerge----giving the public a coherent perspective for the first time. Public pressure forced our quiet government to claim there was no apparent threat-if UFOs even existed----while the military, in the meantime, was ordering their pilots to shoot down UFOs. The apparent government cover-up encouraged more research into the matter by concerned citizens around the world making sure to keep the issue alive and not allow governments to control the truth of the reality of unidentified flying objects. While the military, today, is still in league with the science community, UFO researchers are winning the public-making sure that the information gets out into the public domain.

In the early 1960's, New Hampshire couple Betty and Barney Hill learned while under hypnosis that a strange, unexplainable experience they both had one night in 1961 while traveling in New Hampshire was responsible for emotional stress both had endured for some time after returning from a vacation in Canada. It turned out that an alien spacecraft was involved----manned by nonhuman beings with an ability to control the minds of the Hill couple----by immobilizing them prior to their abduction then erasing their conscious memories of the experience prior to returning them to where they were picked up----as if nothing had even happened. However, the subconscious minds of both Hills retained certain memories of the experience and some of those memories eventually surfaced. An article was later published by their hypnotherapist and a book was later published by a researcher that brought international attention to the concept of alien abductions for the first time. (Betty Hill later told of several additional encounters she had with UFOs later in her life.)

Later, in the 1960's, a wave of documented sightings was witnessed by many people in Exeter New Hampshire----roughly a dozen miles from where the Hills resided in Portsmouth. The Hills case and the incident at Exeter were two of several cracks in the dam that would allow knowledge to eventually spill through and into the public domain. Life and Look magazines, two of the most popular American magazines of that time, ran UFOs on their cover. No longer was the knowledge of UFOs confined to certain human individuals and government agencies. Many people would come forward over the years----some bearing high credentials. Incident at Exeter and The Interrupted Journey are books that contain detailed accounts of these two cases written by John G. Fuller and are still being sold to this day. By the end of the 1960's, printing presses were producing numerous books dealing with the UFO phenomenon. Consequently, by the 1970's, more and more people were noticing and reporting the strange phenomenon of unidentified flying objects.

Since the 1950's, some people had been claiming all along that they were in frequent contact with off-world beings who were presenting themselves as friendly and supportive to the human race. Some human "contactees" seemed to be fraudulent individuals, as expected, with likely mental problems while others actually appeared believable and sincere and not interested in publicity or personal profit.

But, the idea of benevolent contacts with aliens would tend to conflict in upcoming years with the human abduction phenomenon once it was uncovered. Though, by this time, it was becoming apparent that not one type but multiple types of alien beings were involved in the UFO phenomenon surrounding earth. And, they could easily have multiple agendas here in our world----some good, some not. One obvious fact was noted: in all cases, the human contactees were always given very limited information regarding any knowledge directly related to whom the aliens were and what their histories had been. No aliens exhibited a desire for open contact. Secrecy, subtlety and a considerable amount of deception seemed to be common characteristics for the aliens in general.

In previous years, the focus of attention had been placed primarily on trying to understand what UFOs were. Now, the focus of attention was shifting more to who was inside them. And, with the aliens' ability to control what human abductees could remember of their encounters, things would become quite complicated and challenging for anyone trying to figure out what the abductions of individual humans were all about.

Concerned citizens, like Budd Hopkins, began talking to people who claimed to have seen UFOs. Mr. Hopkins, who had himself witnessed an unidentified spacecraft some years earlier, began a mission to search out others who had experienced similar encounters. During his investigations, he began noticing a pattern of unusual events surrounding some of the people reporting UFO sightings----such as "missing time". Mr. Hopkins began to unearth other oddities associated with the phenomenon and eventually published his findings in several books such as Intruders and Missing Time, thus becoming a prominent pioneer in UFO research, alerting the world to the abduction phenomenon.

In the 1980's, writer Whitley Strieber alerted the world to his own abduction experiences in the now famous book, "Communion". As it turned out, the cover of his book seemed to provoke response of greater magnitude than even the valuable content inside. He and his wife were deluged with letters from people who personally related to the non-human face on the cover. The so-called "Gray" aliens, as they are popularly known today, suddenly made their debut in our culture, largely due to Strieber's book. The alien face pictured on the Communion book cover was similar to what Betty and Barney Hill had described years earlier. Many people who had seen these creatures had not connected the dots that these creatures might be ETs. After so many responses, Whitley quickly learned that thousands of Americans were claiming to have experienced alien abductions. And, as one can probably guess, these were only the people that were willing to come forward with their stories.

The abduction phenomenon was slow to surface largely due to the unwillingness of individuals around the world to even tell anyone of their strange and unbelievable experiences. Fear of ridicule from others and fear of the abductors, themselves, seemed to prompt most of the individuals to say little of their experiences----until they found out that many others were experiencing similar events. Many people then began to come forward. Some individuals reported their encounters as enlightening experiences while others reported traumatic and horrible experiences. I have to say, deception, mind control and abductions do not appear to be indicators of a phenomenon good for the benefit of the human race.

During the 1980's and 1990's, Dr. David Jacobs, a university professor in Philadelphia, interviewed hundreds of abductees to try to find out what exactly was taking place during these abductions (in many cases under hypnosis). After very careful and meticulous research, Dr. Jacobs took a hard look at the bulk of his work and, based strictly on the evidence, felt obligated to conclude and publish findings indicating that one large component of the alien abduction phenomenon appeared to involve genetic experimentation between abductors and abductees in what could be an alien-human hybridization project. He found the data collected from hundreds of abductees unsettling and did not like the outcome of his research. He felt obligated, however, to pronounce to the world his findings. To this day, he has expressed a desire to back away from his findings, but in recent years, the apparent hybrid offspring shown to various abductees while aboard UFOs have displayed more human-like qualities, indicating possible progress being made over decades of ongoing hybridization. Jacobs and other researchers are concerned that non-human beings might be covertly integrating into the human race and changing its very genetic structure. In other words, integration rather than invasion. From a human standpoint, it is difficult to perceive this as a good thing. But, before one gets alarmed, it should be noted that this matter deserves much more study, and I feel sure that Dr. Jacobs would agree.

Dr. Jacobs does not claim this is definitely happening but feels forced to agree that the evidence he has accumulated as a pioneer in this field does indeed indicate that an alien integration into human society may very well be taking place and that no one knows what the current progress of this project might be at this time. This apparent genetic manipulation may not be a first-time event for the inhabitants of Earth. Genesis, Chapter 6, of the Christian Bible mentions beings apparently from the spirit world seizing human women and producing hybrid offspring, thus altering the existing line of genes from the original human beings, Adam and Eve. These beings from the so-called spirit world and their offspring are not looked upon favorably by God and are implicated as the reason for The Great Flood.

It is suspected by many current-day UFO researchers that governments are especially concerned about this possible modern-day alien integration but are not talking, at least not publicly. Word is that the government has no way of knowing just how many hybrid beings might already be coexisting within the human race today.

It is important to note that the entire alien abduction phenomenon does not have to fall under one particular agenda. Nor do all the abductors have to be working together toward one single common goal such as in a genetically-related agenda. There are reportedly many members of various non-human races in the vicinity of Earth that could very easily have many different agendas----some that might not have anything to do with the human population of Earth. The problem is that we just do not know. It is even possible that many races have been visiting Earth for most of its entire history and that the present-day human race might be regarded as nothing more than a minor irritant that won't last but a few thousand more years. It is possible, too, that the human race is the only race in the cosmos that thinks the earth belongs exclusively to them. The idea of "possession" may be a human concept only and not commonly recognized by other non-human races.

If so many people are being abducted without their knowledge, how can an individual tell if he or she is being abducted from time to time?

Fortunately, research on alien abductions has been ongoing for several decades, now, not so much by members of the science community, but by concerned, broad- minded citizens who decided to pick up the torch and run with it since no one else would. And, now, much information has been collected, organized and made available to the public for anyone who feels the need to know. A growing awareness among the entire human race of an alien presence is becoming more evident, nowadays. Many television documentary programs explore the alien abduction phenomenon as well as UFOs in general. Many books and DVDs are also available at stores and libraries.

Researchers have detected patterns in abductor behavior, thus providing potential abductees with information they can use to personally pursue their own investigations, should they suspect that something of this nature could be occurring in their lives. A "typical abduction scenario" can now be described. Mind control is used on most abductees which includes subconscious commands for the purpose of making the victims more cooperative during abductions and directing them to remain silent about their experiences, afterwards. Many abductees are left with the feeling that there is should not be concerned-with feelings of guilt or fear if they try to pursue the matter.

At the beginning of a typical abduction, total body paralysis is often induced to immobilize the victim preceding any awareness that something unusual is about to happen. Though, some abductees do not recall ever experiencing this state or condition known as Sleep Paralysis. The body is, in effect, locked in position and no part of it can be moved. The brain cannot activate the muscles. This usually causes fear in the victim, though often, something makes the fear dissolve away very quickly.

In most cases, no sounds, smells or unusual sights are detected at any time by the abductee----at least, not to their best recollection. Furthermore, UFO craft are often not remembered being seen by the abductees during abduction events due to the induced altered mental states. On the other hand, many abductees have had multiple UFO sightings in their lives, often close-up, but still not realizing that they might have been abducted during these events and their memories erased.

The abductors are efficient at taking and returning the abductee from his or her environment without his or her knowledge----or anybody else's. Seldom does an abduction ever get observed by bystanders.

In some cases, however, mistakes are made. Some human beings are returned to the wrong location. Others become aware that they are present outside their homes in the middle of the night with doors still locked from the inside. In some cases, a husband might be returned to the wrong home and placed into bed with a woman he does not know. Sometimes, abductees (even entire families) have awakened facing the footboards instead of the headboards of their beds. And some have even awakened to find themselves wearing someone else's clothing, or that they may have a shirt on backwards.

Sometimes a scar or bruise is left on the abductee----assumed to be unintentional. In one case, according to a September, 1994 MUFON Journal article by John Carpenter, a female abductee was reportedly abandoned outside her home during an abduction event as the two small non-human abductors scurried toward their space craft that had landed right over a Missouri sinkhole. Apparently the weight of the craft had caused the sinkhole to collapse allowing it to sink out of sight. In another case, investigated by researcher Derrel Sims, two small toddlers were being abducted on a regular basis and frequently observed to be lethargic for hours at a time. In one tragic instance, the toddlers turned up missing from the baby pool in their front yard, in broad daylight, and were subsequently found floating face-down in the deep end of the normal-sized pool next door.

 Derrel Sims

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