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What to Believe

At the top of the list of abductor activities----reported by those abductees who do remember bits and pieces of their experiences----are medical examinations and procedures that seem to be central to the abduction operations.

It is easy for us to assume that these beings may come from another place in our physical universe----either within our own galaxy of stars or perhaps from a distant galaxy. However, some abduction cases indicate that some of these beings may originate from another realm rather than another physical place----in other words, another state or condition, perhaps not even a 3-dimensional environment like the one in which we dwell. These beings can somehow appear out of nowhere and return to nowhere. Is this simply advanced technology or something beyond? Where, exactly, is this "nowhere"? Some people believe these beings originate from the spirit world, while others think they originate from other dimensions.

Of course, a typical layperson would (and should) ask a lot of questions and receive a lot of convincing explanations before daring to believe that such phenomena like UFOs and alien abductions could actually be taking place without the entire human race having already been made very aware. I would feel the same way. However, I have seen UFOs and know for a fact that, regardless of how we perceive them, these objects do exist. I can say the same for abductions. Though, after sixty years of modern-day sightings by people around the world, I find myself still among a minority who know for sure that UFOs are real. At least more and more people, nowadays, are becoming more open to the possibility that UFOs are a very real phenomenon----and that is progress.

Interestingly, the alien abduction phenomenon is not simply something that has happened in recent times. It is an ongoing phenomenon----having increased in scope only in the past several decades----remaining elusive and unexplained to this very day. Abductions have been mentioned for centuries. This article will hopefully answer questions and show how and why my claims of abduction have been determined and the reason some people will still chuckle, regardless, at the very mention of this subject.

Are You an Alien Abductee?

I feel that roughly ten to twenty million human beings in the United States, alone, are being abducted----by unknown abductors----very likely nonhumans----who use highly stealthy techniques, again and again, throughout each victim's lifetime. After coming to this conclusion based on the number of apparent abductees I was personally meeting in everyday life, I did some research and found that a Roper Poll was conducted in 1991 utilizing nearly 6,000 people who were asked to answer a series of questions to determine if they might have experienced events indicating alien abductions. (reference: Alien Abduction Claimants)

The survey questions did not indicate to the respondents what they were being surveyed about. And, the eventual results were random responses from the population. Surprisingly, 119 responses (out of roughly 6,000) revealed events in people's personal lives that indicated abductions may have taken place. From this report, it was projected that perhaps as many as five million people (again, not a small number) were being mysteriously abducted in the United States without any conscious knowledge in most cases. I then realized that my own observations and personal conclusions were not far-fetched at all. It had already seemed to me that the phenomenon was so common that virtually everybody in the United States knew someone that was being abducted----probably without their knowledge. The sheer magnitude of this possible number of abductees should make almost anyone cringe. How could it be possible for anyone----let alone millions----to be getting abducted by mysterious visitors without anyone knowing? This is the 21st century where detection and communication are highly developed integrations in our everyday lives. A huge, highly clandestine nonhuman operation secretly involving a large part of the human race seems simply outlandish to anyone with common sense. However, people are definitely getting abducted. Could any group of human beings be large enough to constantly abduct millions of people on an ongoing basis-plus keep it a secret? The fact is…there exists a significant chance that any of us might be getting abducted by alien beings and likely not know it. Therefore, every single man, woman and child should be very, very concerned.

How We Humans Look at Things

Our way of thinking about all things in life is not necessarily the only way to think. It is merely one way…the human way. But, when nonhuman intelligence is causing things to happen, human beings may not be able to readily understand or even recognize what may be happening. Human rationale and "common sense", a human factor, may not even be applicable. How much does an ant know about our human world? How much could they understand? I question that if something is truly alien, then shouldn't it seem alien to our way of thinking, as well: hard to understand, possibly confounding, not explainable by everyday human rationalization? Why would a nonhuman being (assumed to be extraterrestrial) think the same way as a human? To think that a non-human being would tend to think the same way as a human being would seem unrealistic. I have found that the entire matter of UFOs seems very alien to me; real, surely, but a different kind of real from what we know.

Human thinking is limited and full of biases and assumptions and misinterpretations that oftentimes take us away from everyday true reality and often lead us in the wrong direction in our quests for the truth. An example of how we tend to limit ourselves in our thinking is in the proverbial question, "Is it possible for life to exist in other star systems?" Well, wouldn't it be more realistic to ask, "With so many star systems out there, is it possible for life not to exist out there?"

Human beings have a hard time accepting things that fall outside the familiar domain of daily human life. If something is too strange and difficult to handle, we go into denial. And, most of us do not even realize what all actually influences intellectual development in our lifetimes----what our parents teach us as we first develop, what our schools teach, our religions, our governments, our news and entertainment media, the science community, our culture, our perception of history… But, much of what we are taught throughout life is not totally verifiable, nor can it be in many cases. And, there does not appear to be enough time in today's high-paced modern environment to even question the validity of any of the things we take for granted to be the truth…versus what our human world is really all about. Most people never even think to question most things…until they suddenly see, without warning, a spacecraft that does not fit with current human technology…or an intelligent bipedal entity that is clearly not of human origin, or, perhaps even a ghost. A person's entire world view can then be seriously disturbed.

Most of us in the western world are constantly led to believe from birth that certain things in life can exist and certain other things cannot. But, if something that cannot exist happens to be personally observed or experienced, anyway, then the traditionally taught truth for everything in our human world suddenly comes into question. Our comfortable, established world view washes away. The so-called "experts" and authorities in various fields who we rely on to tell us all what to believe and not believe suddenly lose their relevance. And, when some of us wake up to the revelation that we are systematically being abducted with no way to stop it, we begin to feel very alone and helpless. Hopelessness seems to lurk around every corner. We have so many questions and so few answers. There is really no one to turn to…

Welcome to the strange world of the alien abductee....

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