My Perspective On The Issue Of Alien Abductions

by Alan Caviness


This article is aimed primarily at the average layperson or citizen of the world who has heard about alien abductions and wishes to know more. This article is also aimed at anyone who has had strange, possibly paranormal experiences in their lives, has heard of the alien abduction phenomenon and wonders if he or she may have been abducted. And, of course, other researchers are most welcome, too.

My perceptions of this matter come from research, field investigations and personal experiences. Although, it has been determined that millions of people are being abducted, worldwide, many abductees do not know about others being abducted and continue to feel very alone. I sincerely hope that this article takes away much of that loneliness and provides much needed insight and knowledge for those who suspect they are abductees. The subject of alien abductions, in my view, is a very critical subject.

Some people chuckle at the notion of people being abducted by aliens. However, the available evidence tends to knock the chuckle right out of the notion. For many people around the world, it is no laughing matter. An ever-increasing number of people worldwide continue to claim they have been taken by strange, humanoid- shaped creatures, tampered with and then returned to the place where they were taken but with full or partial induced amnesia. And the available evidence is mounting.

While some people can recall benevolent and enlightening interactions with intelligent nonhuman beings, other people show serious physical and mental injury caused apparently by these entities. Although, UFOs are not always reported being seen by the abductees in every abduction event, a large number of reports clearly link unidentified flying objects and their crews to being responsible for most, if not all, of these abductions. (Historically, some abductions have been linked to what has been perceived to be supernatural entities. Today, it still remains undetermined whether these abductor beings are actually extraterrestrial, supernatural, or perhaps interdimensional----or even something as yet unknown. But, unidentified flying objects are indeed associated with the phenomenon.)

Sometimes, evidence (occasionally physical evidence) from an abduction is left behind and makes people realize that something extremely odd is indeed happening to them but something that remains very elusive inside their minds (due to induced amnesia and altered mental states caused by the abductors). Sometimes, memories or fragments of memories escape through the amnesia and bubble up and into the conscious mind leaving the victims with memories almost impossible to believe----or to remove. And, sometimes----either intentionally or unintentionally----the abductors leave behind physical evidence in various forms. Also, sudden lapses in time have been detected by abductees. In some instances, an abductee might be in one place at one moment only to suddenly realize being in another place the next moment without any idea how he or she got there. Many other types of odd circumstances are often reported by apparent alien abductees. All this adds up to the fact that something very strange is going on in some people's lives that seriously needs to be investigated.

In some cases, but definitely not all cases, these strange abduction or encounter events have been revealed or exposed through hypnosis. Skeptics have tried unsuccessfully to explain away alien abduction events over the years as something happening only in the minds of the so-called abductees while in a hypnotic state. However, this overlooks the many people who have had these same perceptions without ever going under hypnosis. To this day, however, all explanations from the skeptics fall short. Actual abductions by strange, unearthly, nonhuman entities still best explain what all these people are going through.

I, personally, have confirmed with hard evidence that human abductions related to UFO phenomena are indeed occurring. And, for me, this is the most troubling matter in all my paranormal research. I have personally found myself with missing time. I have found myself surgically implanted with something unknown. I have discovered fresh surgery in the center of my chest with small amounts of tissue removed from under my skin----with a corresponding round hole in my shirt located in the center of the chest. Similar holes have appeared in my clothes between daily pre-checks and post-checks.

I have suddenly found myself physically displaced to another geographic location without any indication that anything unusual was happening at the time. I have experienced dramatic bed shaking. And, I have been floated out of my bed into open air above my residence in the middle of the night. During a period of just a few years when most of this was happening, personal sightings of UFOs were frequent-and certainly not random. And, on two occasions, I experienced UFO sightings only a short time before strange events occurred. Most of my experiences (the ones of which I have been able to remain consciously aware) occurred as I became a paranormal investigator and for the next few years immediately following----until I mentally asked for it all to stop. The activity did appear to stop immediately after my request----suggesting the possibility that an abductee may have a possibly continuous, ongoing mental connection to the abductors-the abductee's thoughts and experiences being observed all the time. As a result of my request, I now have less dramatic experiences-basically, a sighting of a distant and odd behaving light roughly once every year or two. An apparent show of concern for my personal well-being.

To me, knowledge is often much more valuable when it is shared, so I would like to share what I have personally found regarding the issue of "alien abduction".

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