Lime Grove Encounter Part 2

May, 1992 – Miami, FL – Two days after the lime grove encounter, wildlife researcher kt Frankovich was talking on the telephone in her home next to the lime grove and watching the late-night news when she became aware of another similar humanoid creature staring at her from several feet away with its face almost against the screen of the open apartment window.

Kt sat still—worrying that any sudden movement might frighten the being away. She got the distinct impression that this being was female—with the earlier encountered being therefore being a male. Kt did not feel this being was harmful but rather curious and somewhat shy. She claimed to sit still staring at the being while holding her phone telling her friend on the other end what was happening.

Momentarily, Ms Krankovich began feeling telepathic communication coming from the being. The being called her “Protector of Life” and seemed to have a form of respect and perhaps admiration for the wildlife researcher. Kt then noticed a smaller, younger entity slowly lean out from behind the female being—in similar fashion to a shy child peeking from around its mother. At this point, she felt no threat but rather delight and appreciated the experience. After a minute or two, the beings backed away from the waist-high screened window and disappeared into the night.

Note: Approximately 10-12 years later, the wildlife researcher had numerous UFO sightings where she resided in a remote area in northern Florida and, in some instances, observed craft immediately over her residence. Neighbors also observed UFOs and even took photos.

Below - Satellite view of Lime Grove Area (full view)

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