Strange creatures unknown to the human race have been reported by serious people down through history. And, today is no exception. Human beings have proliferated around the world in the past couple of centuries. Reports of strange creatures of possible paranormal nature have increased as the population has increased and communications capabilities have dramatically improved. Many of the reporting witnesses are credentialed and credible with testimony that is unwavering. Based on the witnesses I have interviewed, I think it wise to take them seriously. In my opinion, the evidence indicates that creatures such as Bigfoot, Mothman and the Chupacabra are somehow related to UFOs and, to a lesser degree, the government. Since the best trackers have a tough time seeking these creatures, it is plausible to assume that these creatures are not allowed to roam freely on this planet but for short periods of time before being rounded up by their keepers. Also, some ET encounter reports have indicated that alien beings can appear in the mind of a human as an ordinary, familiar, nonthreatening animal—such as an owl or a deer—the two most commonly reported forms. From what I have gathered, thus far, this phenomenon entails actual strange creatures of unknown origins and ETs appearing to humans as harmless animals so as to not allow the human witness to panic or react strongly. This is where the evidence has taken me thus far. (click a title below)

Strange Creature Articles

The Owl and Deer Incident
Our initial case investigation of a strange owl incident had mushroomed into a collection of strange events all happening in a brief period of time in the same general area. Because of the observed credibility of the witnesses and their testimonies, we were forced to conclude that UFO activity had occurred in the area.

An unknown creature with glowing red eyes, large bat-like wings and a body larger in size but similar in shape to human was seen by over a hundred individuals in West Virginia. A news reporter gave the strange creature the name, “Mothman”, and it quickly became the subject of urban folklore which continues to this day.