This part of the The Caviness Report includes phenomena that just cannot be readily explained. This is The Caviness Report's "Gray Basket". Visitors to the website are encouraged to offer their views on any of the articles or gallery photos in this section. Any emailed photos from our visitors are welcome and an attempt at evaluating them will be made, if requested. I will venture to offer to our website visitors what possible explanations I can wherever possible. (click a title below)

Unexplained Anomaly Articles

Is Reality Real?
Everything a human being sees, hears, touches, tastes or smells is a mental experience. Information from these various sensory inputs is processed and registered inside the brain. But, conscious interpretations of this information are decided inside the human mind; and, that determines what we human beings call “reality”. But, reality may not always be real.

Photo Gallery
No one knows the origin or cause of the phenomenon known as "orbs". They are invisible to the naked eye but show up occasionally in photographs. They seem to appear mostly in graveyards, on electrical power lines and around certain individuals. Alan has a collection of orb images that he has personally photographed.

Photo Gallery
Two researchers scanning the surface of the Moon using the Google Earth photographic data, discover a strange anomaly observed in the moon's Sea of Serenity; and that was just the beginning....