Are Ghosts Real?

When one wakes up in the morning, one never knows what the day might bring. October 30th, 2004 proved to be a pivotal point in my life. Some of my colleagues had finally convinced me to go “ghost-hunting” with them. Being totally involved in UFO research, I was not very interested in ghosts, per se. Curious, yes. So, I tried to muster enough enthusiasm so as to not be a drag on the rest of the team.

I brought my video camera and still camera and met the team at a very old building in Greensboro, North Carolina. This building was one of many scattered across a small (and older) part of the city. Some of these old buildings were still in use until recently. This particular building was said to be one of the oldest in the group and had been built around 1880.

Interestingly, my mother had been raised in that very area. Her father had actually worked in one of these buildings approximately two-tenths of a mile across the way. The buildings had belonged to a textile company and helped to put the city of Greensboro on the map in the late 19th and early 20th century. My grandfather had worked for the textile company in the payroll department back in the 1930’s when the Great Depression was in full swing. I have been told he was eventually fired from his job because he couldn’t stop giving some of the workers pay in advance despite warnings that it was against company policy to do so. Fortunately, he went on to become a successful insurance salesman and, along with his wife, managed to adequately provide for the family until things got better.

I remember when I was a young boy my grandfather commented on how terrible a time some of the families were having back then despite living in company owned “mill houses”. Rent, though modest, still had to be paid each month. I remember my grandfather as being a bit “rough around the edges” in manner most of the time (which I always figured resulted from his time in the trenches overseas in World War One fending off mustard gas and witnessing a lot of carnage). But, I can also remember the expression on my grandfather’s face when he would talk about those poor families he knew during the depression. Apparently, he couldn’t just turn away from hungry families. And, apparently, some of those families must have suffered a lot of trauma in those days for him to risk his job to help them.

I knew little about ghost-hunting compared to what I knew about UFO investigating. But, one thing I did know; if one wants to seek out ghosts, the best places to look are where human trauma has occurred. This is often a common denominator for some reason. In my interviews with people who claimed to have encounters with UFOs and sometimes the occupants, I began to notice that many of these same people had claimed to have supernatural encounters, as well. I didn’t understand why there would be a connection, but I could not ignore the fact that I continued to find new people with both UFO and supernatural encounters. This was probably the main reason I decided to finally give in to my colleagues and go with them to this old building. Perhaps some people are simply capable of detecting both the alien realm and the supernatural realm. But what if alien beings are somehow connected to the so-called supernatural realm? Maybe there would be something waiting for me to uncover.

One of our friends actually worked at the building as a custodian and would make rounds throughout the entire building at least twice a day. This lady had claimed a history of paranormal experiences throughout her life and complained of occasionally “stirring up spirits” in the building on some rounds. The building was actually still being used and continues, today, to serve as a public storage facility. It consists of six floors—each having many hallways lined with small, single-room, padlocked storage units. Each door down the hallways had only one way in and one way out. There were stairways and one freight elevator still in operation. And even though the building was open for business, I saw few people coming and going from their storage units on this day or any day afterward during future visits. The place was very quiet and still almost all the time.

One of my colleagues had business in this very building from time to time. The company he worked for had a small testing set-up in one of the rooms on the sixth floor where he would test some of the company’s electronic equipment they manufactured at their facility in Greensboro just a short distance away from this building. He had told me he had seen a fully formed apparition walking down a dead end hallway the first year he began coming over to this place. It was a man wearing old-style work clothes—from what my colleague could tell. When he finished walking to the intersection of hallways to see where the gentleman had gone, he saw nothing but a dead end several meters ahead. He couldn’t understand where the man had gone and had not thought of the man possibly being a ghost. My colleague had later heard many noises from time to time over the next few years and had become convinced the place was definitely haunted. I had seen UFOs with this man and could not just dismiss what he was saying as being the result of an overactive imagination.

I asked the lady who worked in this building what I should look for. She told me mainly to listen for sounds—people talking, kids playing and loud, single bangs on the doors from time to time. My cameras could see in the Infrared, so I felt that I might be able to pick up an entity or an orb, perhaps, or even an “EVP”, if this place was indeed haunted. The lady also warned me that she had been pushed down the stairs before by what she believed to be a male entity haunting the premises. I asked her if anyone had died in this place in the past, but she did not know. I figured that there might have been traumatic situations experienced in the building at various times during its long history. A couple of my colleagues claimed that something had “brushed” their arms, lightly, on a few occasions.

I met up with the group and was taken on a short tour of the place. I then asked to be shown where the hottest spot in the entire building was to be found. They then took me to a certain part of the second floor. After being taken there, I asked everyone to leave—to see if I could attract any paranormal activity. Much to my surprise, it did not take long.

Now, I’m no hero type, but after dealing with occupants of UFOs for the past few years, I did not feel very threatened by ghosts, in general. Aliens, yes… Ghosts, no. Some ghosts were better at showing up in our realm than others, granted. But it seemed as though it was all that most of them could do—simply to show up in our realm. It would be interesting to find out why some ghosts can show up in full form enough to fool people into thinking they are a real person while others can only show up faintly or partially. I had deduced from what I had read that ghosts generally have a very tough time manifesting themselves in our realm. It didn’t seem very easy for them to be able to do much more than just manifest. One might scare me, but if that’s all they could do, then I figured it was worth it to actually confirm that ghosts do indeed exist. To be a good investigator of the paranormal, one has to be intrepid. Even though I felt I was conditioned for anything I might run across, I had to keep reminding myself that this was not a movie; this was reality—and would likely yield something different than what I expected, if I would uncover anything at all.

The place was incredibly quiet. The air was very still. And, one could have heard a pin drop thirty feet away. And, yes, it did seem downright “spooky”. I noticed the sound of my own footsteps seemingly amplified in this very inactive place. No more than a minute and forty-five seconds after the crew had left and the door had shut, I heard the first of several strange sounds that seemed to be coming from a short distance away. I looked around at the few, small pipes in the overhead and quickly realized that it wasn’t the pipes making the sounds—even though pipes can make all kinds of strange sounds under the right conditions. The first sound was more of a “bump” or, more precisely, a sound exactly like my footsteps against the hardwood floor. I squatted down to the floor in the hottest spot known in the entire building and began to ready my still camera. My video camera was already set up on a tripod and rolling—showing me in full view in the Infrared—seeing not only anything in the visible range but anything just outside the human range of visibility, as well. I really had no idea what to expect at this point but tried to remain ready for anything.

Over the next minute or so, I shot three still pictures with my digital camera to see if I could pick up any images that might be associated with the sounds. During this time, I heard more sounds like a possible footstep and at times a dragging sound lasting up to a full second. The strangest thing about it is that the sounds occurred mainly when I was activating my camera to take a picture. It was as if someone was making the sounds mainly when I was pressing down on my camera’s shutter button to connect to the battery. I had learned that ghosts are generally thought to use electrical energy from the existing environment to manifest into our realm. Perhaps someone or some thing was using my camera’s battery to make its presence known in the human realm. After I shot the three pictures, I walked over to the video camera and whispered that I was hearing very audible sounds. I didn’t know at that time if the camera was successfully picking up the sounds. Even as I spoke, prolonged dragging sounds began to occur. The “bump” sounds had sounded identical to a single footstep each time. But, the prolonged “dragging” sounds seemed more like someone dragging a heavy wooden table across the floor. I wondered if the sounds could be made by someone on another floor. But the problem was that the sounds clearly seemed to be emanating from open air just down the hallway from me. Not above or below. And if the bump sounds were human footsteps, why only a single footstep on every single occasion? These sounds were loud and very easy to hear in such a quiet building. There was clearly no one on the same floor and the sounds seemed to be coming from very close by, not more than twenty or thirty feet away. There was no doubt in my mind. Someone knew I was there and was playing with me, and whoever it was could not be human.

Here is a chronology of my time on the second floor:

(Time in minutes and seconds)
00:00 Team first enters general area of “hotspot”.
01:06 Team departs and closes door leaving me by myself.
01:15-43 I move video camera around and eventually position it on top of tripod.
01:44 I hear a soft “bump” sound nearby similar to a single footstep.
03:24 I walk into the “hotspot” area and stand still, waiting.
04:17 I walk over to spot approximately 10 feet in front of video camera then squat down to position myself to take still pictures.
04:43 I push down on camera shutter button for picture #1. At same time, I hear a prolonged “dragging” sound for approximately one full second.
04:45 Flash goes off and picture takes.
04:57 Soft “bump” sound heard.
05:14 I push down on camera shutter button for picture #2.
05:16 Camera flash goes off and pictures takes.
05:17 Soft “bump” sound heard.
05:31 I push down on camera shutter button for picture #3. At same exact time, I hear another soft “bump” sound.
05:33 Camera flash goes off. Picture takes. At same exact time, very loud “bump” (more of a “bang”) sounds.
05:35 I hear a soft “bump” sound.
05:36 I begin to walk toward the video camera on tripod.
05:45 I peer down hallway and pause to see exactly where sound is coming from.
05:46 I hear a very audible “bump” sound.
05:50 I hear a very loud “dragging” sound. Lasts for approximately six seconds. Sounds like a wooden table being pushed a few inches at a time. Not a completely steady sound.
06:06 I resume walking to the camera.
06:14-23 I start whispering into video camera. “I’m hearing some noises…”
06:24 I hear a short “dragging” sound one-half second after I finish a sentence.
06:29 I hear a short “dragging” sound one-half second after I finish a sentence.
06:35 I hear a short “dragging” sound lasting approximately one full second.
06:39 I hear a softer “dragging” sound for approximately one full second.
06:41 I hear a hard “bump” sound as I am walking down the hall toward the source of the sounds.
07:00 I hear a “dragging” sound lasting for approximately one full second as I am walking down hallway past the spot where sounds seemed to emanate.

I immediately learned how important documentation of events can be. As one can see, timing of events can be very revealing. Our team had been on the second floor for several minutes walking around without hearing a single, unusual sound. Yet, only 1 minute and 44 seconds after the team’s departure, I heard the first “bump” sound. This was only 38 seconds after the team had left me totally alone. And, only one second after I had finished positioning my video camera like I wanted it.

At the very moment when I pressed down on the camera’s shutter button, I heard a prolonged dragging sound. I thought this was awfully coincidental to hear the sudden sound the very instant I pressed down on the button. And this was approximately 2 seconds before the camera flash went off. The finger movement needed in activating the camera is very slight. No one observing me could tell when I was pressing hard enough on the button to actually take a picture—even at close range. Approximately 12 seconds after the camera flash had gone off, I did hear another soft “bump” sound without doing anything, myself. Picture #2 was taken approximately 31 seconds after picture #1. But the very second after the flash went off, a soft “bump” suddenly occurred—making for two seemingly “coincidental” events. At this point, I felt that an entity might very well be letting me know of its presence by being obvious. Plus, it could be using the energy from my camera each time I pressed the shutter button and drew power from the battery. Approximately 14 seconds after the soft “bump” sound from the taking of picture #2, I pressed the shutter button to take picture #3. At the exact instant I pressed the shutter button down, I heard another soft bump. Approximately 2 seconds later, I heard the loudest “bump” of all—more like a “bang”—the exact instant the camera flash went off—followed by a softer bump just 2 seconds later.

It didn’t seem difficult to tell where the sounds were coming from. My ears told me they were coming from a spot down the hallway approximately 20 feet or so away—and not from the actual hotspot where I had been standing. No other noises were occurring anywhere on the second floor, otherwise. I then walked over toward the hallway, looked down that way and paused. Then, just 13 seconds after picture #3 was taken, I heard another loud “bump” sound. And only 3 or 4 seconds later, I began to hear a very prolonged “dragging” sound that lasted for approximately 6 seconds. I walked over to the camera and whispered into the microphone, “I’m hearing some noises…” No more than a half-second after I finished talking did I hear the short, dragging sound, again this time lasting about a full second. Only 9 seconds later did I hear a repeat of the same dragging sound. And, 2 seconds after that, a solid “bump”.

The bump noises were identical to the sound of my footsteps on the old, hardwood floors. The dragging sounds were identical to the sounds of a heavy wooden table being pushed a few feet across the floor. The longest dragging sound was continuous but sounded like someone pushing a table only a few inches at a time—like someone having trouble moving a really heavy item. It was not smooth and continuous. I was later very delighted to see that my camcorder had indeed picked up all the sounds I had heard. After I returned to the office, downstairs, I played the sounds back for the custodian to hear. Interestingly, she said she had never heard the dragging sounds before and found it all quite interesting.

Approximately two years later, two painters who had been working on the 5th or 6th floor on a certain day came down and told the custodian that they were finished. Before leaving, they asked the lady if anyone else had been to the upper floors that afternoon. She told them that no one had been. Then, the two asked her if the place was “haunted”. The custodian pretended to be surprised—not anxious to let the word out—and asked what made them want to ask such a thing. The painters responded by telling her that several times that afternoon, they kept hearing what sounded like someone moving “a table and chairs” across the floor, but every time they looked around, no one was there.

On the day of November 20th, 2004, I drove over to the same building, again. I had the custodian to take me to the second floor. I brought a tape recorder and told her I hoped to record voices or “EVPs” (Electronic Voice Phenomena). I wanted to document everything we did, so I brought my video camera, as well. The custodian told me of bringing a compass on her rounds through the building. She told me of recent episodes when the compass needle continued to spin around very rapidly when walking through the “hotspot” area. She took me up the stairwell leading to the hotspot and told me that this was where she had been pushed down the stairs on one occasion. We opened the door to the second floor. Before me, once again, was the spot considered to be the most active area in the building. Paranormal activity manifested in less than one minute and twenty seconds. After we had been in the location for approximately 55 seconds, I turned on my tape recorder and said the following-

“If there are any entities here, near us, I would like for it to let us know. We can pick up your voice on the tape recorder… if you’ll speak.”

There was a pause but everything remained quiet for several seconds. Then, the custodian said,
“What is your name?”

Only 4 seconds later, I heard a very loud bang against the very door from which we had entered. The single bang sounded exactly like someone’s fist crashing against the back of the door—hard. It was by far the loudest sound I had heard in the building, thus far. This was the single bang that the custodian and other colleagues of mine had told me about. Instead of being scared, I was actually delighted and immediately swung the tripod-mounted video camera toward the door in hopes of picking up a visual image of some kind. As soon as I pointed the camera at the door, a small, but bright light, darted away from us. Neither of us saw the small object, but the camera picked it up. My video camera had not picked up something like this before. Nothing else unusual was picked up that day.

Still heavily involved in my UFO research, I went back to the warehouse only on a few more occasions. And, on one of those occasions, the custodian and another female colleague were standing in the same part of the building, talking to me, when we all heard another single, “fist-banging” sound against the same door. No one else was in the vicinity.

These were my first investigations of the supernatural realm. I’m still amazed to this day that I was able to confirm to myself that ghosts really do exist. My information does not tell me that they are definitely human spirits, but I do know, now, that people are indeed dealing with something invisible and intelligent. Now, if I can only figure out the apparent connection between UFOs and the supernatural realm, I’ll be quite happy.

People ask me, from time to time, “Don’t you ever get scared?” But, I realize that out of all the encounters I’ve ever had with any kinds of beings—aliens, spirits or other human beings—so far, human beings have accounted for 100% of all my bad encounters. And if I plot that on a graph, it pretty well tells me who to really watch out for in the future.

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