The Allen Jay Incident

investigated by Alan Caviness

In setting out to investigate an old mystery, in this case, I ended up with a new mystery, as well. I was going to find that two other recent and separate paranormal incidents in the area were related to the witness I was about to interview.

A female resident of Allen Jay (southeastern outskirts of High Point, North Carolina) reported she awakened in the middle of the night extremely thirsty and proceeded to get a glass of water. While at the sink in the kitchen, something outside and up in the sky got her attention. This woman was telling me of a strange experience she had back in the early 1980s.

She insisted that she saw a dark, large, round craft hovering and taking up most of the sky from where she was viewing. The witness claimed multicolored lights were seen sequencing around the craft's rim with colorful "sparks" and "flares" darting away from the craft. She suddenly felt compelled to go to another window overlooking the other side of her property. She pulled the curtains slightly back and, according to what she claimed, saw between "fifteen and twenty" humanoid beings not quite five feet in height slowly walking in the same direction and in human fashion across her property with the nearest beings no more than approximately thirty feet from her window. Some of them were seen wiggling long fingers across the tips of long weeds growing on that part of her property. The witness reported the beings to be similar in appearance to one another, modest in stature, with their arms long.

Artist rendition of encounter

The lady told me of experiencing considerable fright at the unexpected sight. She then feared for her young toddler children asleep in their room. One of the beings closest to her suddenly stopped, no more than thirty feet away according to the witness, turned and looked straight at her—at which point she sank to her knees in heavy fright. The beings had large, dark eyes with no white areas. After a few moments, the witness gathered her composure enough to rise and peek out from behind the curtains once more only to find no activity outside. She stared for a few moments then noticed a giant blue electric flash—similar to an electric arc—rise from a transmitter tower in the distance. The incident was said to have ended at this point. I asked her many questions such as if there was any possibility in her mind that it could have somehow been a dream. She said she was certain it was not.

The witness waking up with extreme thirst suggests to me that she might have been abducted and put back in her bed with complete memory erasure—only to arise focusing on her strong thirst at that moment. Previous case files of abductees have mentioned extreme thirst after an abduction. The witness also told of a personal history of paranormal experiences that involve remembering beams of light outdoors while playing as a child, dark figures—sometimes wearing cloaks—that appeared to her from time to time while sleeping at night, and poltergeist activity from time to time over the years.

During my interview with her, the lady's two small dogs rested quietly on a chair in her living room. But, ever so often, their attention would be drawn to the front storm door and they would become increasingly agitated to the point of barking—both apparently focused on something unseen. I could see nothing at the door or out into the yard. In each case, after a few minutes, both dogs would suddenly calm down at the same time and go back to their resting state. Eventually, the witness said, "Don't worry. We think that's our landlord. He passed away about two years ago". I did not hear any noises at all outside during the interview but felt that there was definitely something near the door at times only several feet away. The dogs had me convinced.

Her two twin sons (now grown) were later asked if their mother's story was credible. Both independently stated that if their mother believed it, then they had no reason to doubt her. Their mother had appeared to be cordial, polite, and of normal credibility. To date, she has never expressed an interest in receiving any attention whatsoever for her story. Her two sons are mature, well adjusted and appear to be credible, as well, and could not recall any personal paranormal experiences of their own. Their mother had many questions for me and a desire to better understand why such events happen to her of all people. She also told me of an old picture of her with an apparent ghost in the background. A few weeks later, the witness was able to find the photo and give me a copy. I was impressed.

This was a classic case of an apparent connection between extraterrestrials and the supernatural. I have since run across other people who have told me of supernatural events in their lives—along with a UFO-related event or two in their past. In each case, their credibility seemed strong to me. The people seemed to be very convinced of what they were saying and appeared sincere as did this lady.

A fellow investigator, Richard Harper, and I were able to later visit the residence where the UFO and multiple ETs incident was said to have taken place. The witness had moved from there many years earlier and had not seen the house in many years.

After discussing the incident sufficiently, my colleague and I then mentioned to her that we had been made aware of a recent incident where a strange owl was encountered by a motorist on a residential road only a few miles away from the Allen Jay area and only a few hours before a UFO was seen that same evening in the area—by a lady who worked at the same place as the person we were currently interviewing (a local hospital). We asked the lady we were talking to if she happened to know the lady with the recent UFO sighting. But, the lady was not familiar with the name we gave her. The lady we were interviewing at the time worked as a nurse. The other lady was a switchboard operator at the same hospital. Even though they both worked the afternoon and evening shift, they did not know each other. Without us saying when the recent incident occurred, the lady showed an interest in the recent case and added that she also had a recent strange experience with an animal. She proceeded to tell us of a strange-acting deer that followed her car on her way home from work one evening. My colleague and I both looked at each other. The other woman who worked at the hospital had also seen her UFO right when she pulled into her driveway while coming home from work.

My colleague asked the lady when her strange deer incident occurred and the lady thought about it for a few moments. She remembered it had happened only a couple weeks earlier. (This got our attention.) Then she finally determined the exact date and felt sure about it. When she told us the date, my colleague and I again looked at each other. It was the same date that the strange owl incident and UFO incident had occurred. We then could confidently conclude that three strange incidents occurred all in the same evening during a short, four-hour period involving strange animal behavior and a UFO. All three incidents were only a few miles apart in an almost straight line on the map. Her strange deer incident had occurred within minutes of the UFO sighting just a few miles away and only four hours after the owl incident that same evening.

Although we had already decided that the lady we were interviewing was in every respect credible, this new information seriously reinforced her testimony. There was little chance she could have guessed the exact date to tell us if she was fabricating the story of the strange animal experience. This revelation also encouraged us to carefully consider that she might very well have had a history of paranormal experiences like she claimed.

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