09-19-2001 Abduction Case Report - South Carolina

Event Confirmed by Alan Caviness

A driver working for a freight-hauling business in Greensboro, North Carolina was scheduled to make a delivery to a factory near Columbia, South Carolina-three hours away-with a second delivery that day in Sumter, South Carolina-roughly an hour farther. The man drove a 28 foot straight truck (box truck). After making his scheduled deliveries, the driver eventually returned home late that evening. When retiring for bed, the man took off his shirt and went into the bathroom only to notice in the mirror that someone had performed what was definitely minor surgery in the center of his chest-just clear of the sternum. He was, of course, surprised by it and would not have even known it had he not looked in the mirror. He could not feel it at all. The anomaly consisted of a small depression or pit with a small, laser-thin surgical incision in the center of the depression. The driver could easily see that this was indeed surgery. It was unmistakable and looked like someone had made an incision and gouged out a small amount of tissue under the skin leaving a small, round depression under the surface-right at one centimeter in diameter. The driver had recently reported UFO sightings over the past year and had actually seen similar pit scars on people who had suspected they had been involved in UFO-related abductions. The driver immediately realized that this was exactly the same thing. He had never seen one with an incision in it; this was the first "fresh" one he had ever seen. It was obvious to the driver that he had somehow been abducted that very day.

This observation should have shocked the driver, but strangely, he said, it did not. He stared closely at the surgery and noticed how neat and straight the incision appeared to be. The operation had been done with great precision. It seemed to have been done with a laser, according to the driver. He had been an industrial laser operator many years earlier. The driver knew what the discovery of this anomaly meant; he had definitely been abducted, and alien beings were a distinct possibility in his mind. Upon discovering the anomaly, the gentleman then went into analytical mode and began to wonder why he was not feeling mental shock-knowing full well that he had been abducted by somebody and made to have absolutely no memory of being abducted or receiving surgery. Knowing that things like this anomaly have a strange way of disappearing quickly-so no one can prove such an experience-he realized that he had film in his 35mm camera and thought a picture would be a good idea. But, suddenly, he felt sleepy and decided that the surgery would probably still be there in the morning. He could take a picture, then. But, his intellect dominated and said, no…that he knew full well this might be the only chance to get proof. This was an extremely unusual event and that there was a chance the surgery would be gone by morning.

Intellectually, the driver thought it strange that he would even consider not taking the picture right away. He then realized that whoever abducted him had erased his memory of the entire day. He could not remember any moment of the entire day. This meant that someone had somehow controlled his thinking processes and could have possibly given him a subconscious instruction to not be concerned about the surgery and not react to it, if later discovered. Allowing intellect to rule, the driver found his camera and took a picture. Realizing that he had to hold the camera and turn the camera back toward his body, he knew he was guessing at the manual focus and might end up with an out-of-focus picture that would serve no useful purpose. He shot several more pictures at slightly different distances-all within the known focal range of the camera lens. He even changed to a different lens more suitable for close-up photography. As he continued to shoot, he noticed that he was losing his desire to take pictures-and thought that this was strange. He knew he was taking pictures of physical evidence of an actual, secret abduction-something hard to get documented. Yet, he was quickly becoming disinterested and he knew he might be fighting a losing battle with some form of imposed mind-control. He quickly fired off a few more pictures-nine, all together, then felt an overwhelming desire to go to bed. Strangely, he fell asleep, immediately.

The next morning, the driver noticed that the surgery was still there-in the center of his chest. So, it wasn't a dream, he thought. But, the surgery was now much further along in the healing process. The incision was all but gone. The driver felt no compulsion to be interested in it at this point. He went to work, as usual, and thought about it only occasionally, as he continued his normal routine, that day.
By 5:00pm, that afternoon, the driver had returned home. He was fighting to remain interested in the anomaly he knew he had received during a mysterious abduction he knew nothing about. Curiosity forced him to take off his shirt and see if the anomaly was still there. Much to his surprise, there was no evidence at all that the surgery had ever taken place. No remaining scar, scratch mark… Nothing. The driver could no longer tell the exact spot where the surgery had existed. He was impressed with whoever the abductors were. The surgery was very precise, and no evidence had been left behind. The driver could still not remember a single moment during the day of the abduction. He was very glad he had taken pictures.

He began to wonder at what point he could have been abducted. He had been in his truck virtually all that day except for the short time he was making his deliveries-and he was around other people at those times. He did vaguely remember one random moment going down the highway at one point. But, there was nothing unusual about it. It seemed as though he had no ability to focus on this subject and found his mind drifting to other issues. He felt that his mind seemed a bit muddled and unfocussed. This seemed to be the case for several more days.

Two days later, while hanging up freshly washed and dried clothes in his closet, he noticed a perfectly round hole in the center-chest area of a perfectly good knit shirt. He was immediately disappointed because it was one of his favorite shirts and was now ruined by a hole in a very conspicuous place. He could no longer wear it. He looked more closely to see if it was repairable and noticed how perfectly round the hole seemed to be. It looked like it had been smoothly cut by something round and very precise and not torn by a sharp object nor chewed by an insect of some sort. He wondered briefly how such a hole could occur. He thought about mending it but quickly decided that the hole was slightly too big. A repair would look obvious. The hole was approximately the same diameter as a milk shake drinking straw. The driver had a sudden impulse to throw the shirt away and forget about it-not realizing until later that this was the very shirt he had worn during his abduction. For the next several days, he couldn't seem to focus on the abduction event and did not realize that the shirt was hard evidence. It was roughly a week later when he finally came to realize that he had thrown away physical evidence of a mysterious abduction. But, fortunately, he had taken pictures.

When the apparent abductee had received the developed pictures from a photo lab at the local drug store, he went through all nine pictures and was disappointed to see that almost all of them were out of focus. However, two of them were good enough to show the surgical anomaly-though, due to the lighting, the incision was not visible. But, the depression was visible-and this delighted the abductee. He was glad he was able to have shot those pictures against his will. Changing the lens at one point was the only reason he ended up with the two good pictures. None of the others were worthwhile. The lighting in his bathroom was not very good and conditions for picture-taking were not optimum. He realized he was very lucky. These pictures would always be there to remind him that this event did indeed happen. Otherwise, time would eventually erase his willingness to believe that the event had even happened.

So, somehow, a driver was going about his business and was secretly abducted in broad daylight and had some form of medical surgery done to him ultimately having his memory erased with subconscious instructions to not react or tell anyone. This sounded exactly like reports of the so-called "alien abductions" commonly reported. The driver had immediately realized from the beginning that this was likely tied to previous UFO sightings he had experienced. Now, it appeared to be confirmed. The man's mind was getting clearer, and he now knew that-like so many others-he had definitely been the victim of something strange-and that the abductions many people around the world were reporting were actually real.

He began to sort through this matter in earnest. At what point in his work day could this have happened? He could understand if this had happened at home. But, at work? While on the job? While driving a truck on busy roads? He began to look at the available data from his observations.
The driver was most anxious to figure at what point he had been abducted. He began to think about how fresh the surgical anomaly looked when he first noticed it and when he noticed the anomaly had completely gone-and how it had looked earlier that morning after getting out of bed. Judging by its observed rate of healing, the driver figured that the surgery was probably performed sometime in the afternoon while in South Carolina. If so, this would have placed him in the general area between Columbia and Sumter. And Columbia happens to be the home of Ft. Jackson Army Base. Sumter happens to be the home of Shaw Air Force Base. The driver began to wonder if this was merely a coincidence. Was the abduction done by alien beings? Or, was it done by members of some covert part of the military? This was a valid question, since some abductees over the years have reported military involvement in these kinds of abductions.

The driver up to this point had many questions but few answers and did not understand why surgery had been performed on his chest. He had often wondered if he was already an abductee due to more than one UFO sighting in the past and various times in his life when he experienced "sleep paralysis"-a condition associated with UFO-related abduction events. The driver would normally travel to different places each day in his line of work. Why would an obvious abduction take place somewhere between two military bases? It wasn't every day that he found himself near military bases in his travels. What if he had indeed been an abductee all along-and although he did not know, the military somehow did… Maybe military members were monitoring his physical condition to learn what aliens were doing to their subjects. Or, maybe the military implanted something into his chest…a tracking device, perhaps-to track him during alien abductions in an effort to monitor and observe the aliens in various ways. What better way for the military to track alien activities than to track abductees? Regardless, the driver could not ignore the possibility of military involvement in this matter.
The driver continued to occasionally have sightings of UFOs while driving as well as during other times. And, he later reported evidence of additional abductions by carefully watching for new holes in his clothes.

I personally saw the anomaly with its surgical incision before it healed and know for a fact that it did indeed happen. And, the photos are just good enough to identify the anomaly as something similar to a "punch biopsy"-a human surgical procedure often performed by dermatologists for the purpose of tissue sampling. A lot of information about someone's health can be obtained by a small sample of body tissue.

I took two 8X10 glossy photo prints to a friend of mine who happens to be a professional psychiatrist. I asked him if he could identify what was in the pictures. He immediately told me, "I know what these are… These are punch biopsies." I asked him how he knew this. And, he said, "I've done hundreds of these in my medical training years ago." He had performed many of these procedures on animals.

I told him that although the pictures didn't reveal it, there was an incision in the center of the anomaly. I asked him why. He stated that an incision is normally made at the beginning of the procedure so that a scalpel-like instrument can be inserted and twisted just under the skin to cut a round piece of tissue material that can be snipped away. This is what leaves a "scooped out" pit. "If it is done properly", he said, "the incision can then be closed and eventually heal without a trace of evidence that it was ever done". He added that if it was done sloppily or with little care, then it could leave a permanent scar and possible depression or pit. I then asked him how the surgery could have healed so quickly and completely in such a short time as the abductee reported. He then told me that it wasn't a mystery. Fybroblasts-a certain type of cell in the body concerned with repairing tissue-immediately go to work under the skin layer and can cause quick healing. In a punch biopsy of this size, he told me, it normally takes only 12 to 72 hours to completely heal and usually leaves no trace of a scar. He added that if a punch biopsy was a bit larger than what the photos showed, it could take weeks for complete healing. So, the rapid healing apparently turned out not to be due to some magical process as suspected. But, the photos clearly showed the anomaly to be almost exactly one centimeter across. And, a centimeter is a human unit of measurement. I have to wonder if human beings performed this procedure to the driver-and not extraterrestrials. Evidence was now suggesting it could be either one. The driver had never claimed to have actually seen an extraterrestrial in the past and, due to memory erasure, could not offer any further help in figuring out whether aliens or humans abducted him on that day.

Sometime later, I had to go under anesthesia for my first time-at a local medical center-and was amazed at how 25 minutes of my existence had been totally erased by simply using manmade chemicals applied by IV. I began to realize that it wasn't all that difficult to turn a person's very existence "on and off". This really was an amazing amount of control that mere human beings in a medical center had over other human beings. I was stunned at how vulnerable our human minds really are. It was easy to imagine the control that advanced technology might have in some clandestine project. I began to worry about this. People did seem to be getting taken by someone for some mysterious, highly guarded secretive reason. And, I could now readily see how possible that could be.

The hole in the abductee's shirt also concerned me. It was located in the same position on the chest as was the actual biopsy on the abductee's body. Why would abductors go through an abductee's clothing to perform the act? Had the driver been abducted and taken to a place where this type of surgery was being performed to many human beings at the same time in an automated assembly-line process? The quicker this could be done on an individual, the less likely anyone would notice the individual missing or ever detect this clandestine operation. Whatever the case, the hole in the shirt suggested to me that this was done in a hurry and possibly in an automated fashion-suggesting a large- scale operation possibly taking place using automated technology. This actually made a lot of sense to me.

For some time, I had often thought about how many people I had discovered having apparent abductions. Projecting further, I had been forced to conclude that many millions of human beings were repeatedly being abducted in the United States, alone. Not hundreds or thousands, but millions. Wouldn't this have to be a very large-scale 24/7 operation? How could it not be? Yet, nowhere had I ever noticed other researchers considering this apparent human abduction project to be an extremely huge operation. If I was to go out and check the clothing of other possible abductees, would I find similar holes in their clothing that they couldn't explain? (Actually, I did do just that. And, the results reinforced my suspicions.) How many times had abductees not noticed when they had a strange surgical anomaly on their bodies or dismissed holes in their clothes as occurring from normal wear-and-tear? The abductee in this case had to fight to make himself take pictures of the surgery and felt compelled to throw away a shirt with the corresponding hole in it.

The abductee had kept a daily truck driver logbook record of his deliveries as required by the Department of Transportation. And, he had filled out his logbook on the day of his abduction. But, the logbook showed no indication of missing time away from work-either during deliveries or in between deliveries. And, he had ended his work day at the expected time that evening. I did notice from the logbook, however, that he had made two entries that did not look right. His mileage for the day was recorded as usual but showed approximately 100 miles of travel more than the trip should have taken. Also, he entered the date as September 18th when it should have been September 19th. Either the truck had been driven a hundred miles further than he was aware or, his thinking processes were a bit muddled and he made incorrect entries in his logbook, as a result. The date entry was certainly incorrect, but the mileage entry was still a mystery; was it a simple mistake, or a correct odometer entry? The driver did not drive that particular truck again for at least another week or two, so the next day mileage entry from the odometer of that truck could not be checked. So, I could not verify that an incorrect mileage entry was made on the day of the abduction or that it was indeed the real milage. And, a different truck was used for his trips over the next several days. So, no follow-up could be observed in his logbook. Still the mileage entry could mean that he may have been made to drive his truck to a point roughly 50 miles further where the abduction could take place-perhaps a road that was in a remote location-and 50 miles back to resume his normal routine with no conscious knowledge of having done so. It would conceivably be possible to not notice the missing time.

In the 1990's, a Roper poll indicated that the number of Americans that may be getting abducted ranged in the millions. I think they were probably correct.
If a human abduction project was this large, could a small number of human beings-possibly military-pull this off? And without being noticed? And if this was indeed being done by nonhuman beings, instead, would the military not know about this?

With this case, I was able to confirm that someone unknown is secretly abducting human beings against their will utilizing deception and mind control for some unknown purpose. Medical procedures (a punch biopsy scoop mark in this case) are indeed occurring to some people claiming to have been abducted. In this case, it appeared to have been done quickly and right through the abductee's clothing when the shirt could have easily been lifted up and out of the way. The surgical procedure might have been done by a machine or by a being that did not have the manual dexterity to lift up the abductee's shirt then tuck the shirt back into the man's blue jeans. The abductions do appear to be alien-related- and may not have been performed by human beings. In this case, no UFO was remembered-which is often the case in many abductions. If not done by aliens, then the military-or some other organization within the government-is a justifiable suspect in this case. The CIA has, over the years, conducted mind-control research. This case provides me with speculation that perhaps some abductions are being performed by aliens and some by our own military. If so, the military might be working with aliens, or they might actually be working against them. A follow-up investigation of other people in the local area who knew the abductee and were also reporting a history of UFO sightings had closets containing clothes with similar holes-mainly bed clothing-holes that had only recently occurred and could not be explained. One individual checking clothing before and after bedtime everyday even noted a brand new cut (as though from scissors) in underwear worn for the first time overnight. This activity went on for approximately another year then stopped, for the most part. No one knows why. Many of the garments were collected and remained stored for future examination.

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