Lime Grove Incident - Miami, Florida

May 1992 – Miami, FL – Late afternoon, female wildlife researcher kt Frankovich took her dogs for a walk in a nearby lime grove. Inside the thick vegetation of the grove, witness heard a knocking sound like a tree being struck with a heavy stick. Kt reportedly looked into the area she believed the sound was coming from and suddenly caught sight of a humanoid-shaped being standing inside the vegetation staring directly at her. Although, stunned, kt did not know what she was looking at. The being seemed equally stunned.

During the first few moments, she thought someone in a costume was playing a trick on her. Then, she started feeling unsure as to what she was looking at. She carefully examined the bipedal creature—which stood close to 5 feet tall—and noticed a strong lower body with thick, muscular, athletic legs but an upper torso that was disproportionately narrower and weaker-looking. Two relatively large eyes that were completely black. A relatively large cranium. And hands with six digits consisting of a thumb and five fingers. The female witness, a trained observer of wildlife, also noticed a small, sloth-like animal with blue fur hanging upside down from a tree limb near the creature. No head or tail was visible—only fur. After a standoff, the being suddenly broke out of the vegetation with the small furry animal placed into a type of carrying bag and began running.

Kt reported that when the being ran, she noticed that it ran more like a gazelle and seemed to be defying gravity to a degree—making long leaps and only lightly touching down. At this point, witness determined that this was no prank and that she was witnessing a life form not known to this world. She reportedly yanked her attack dogs—which acted totally unaware of the mysterious creature—and ran parallel to the creature for a considerable distance until the creature ducked into another part of the lime grove’s thick vegetation. Along the way, kt kept hearing in her mind the words, “Biente, biente”, apparently coming from the creature, telepathically. Later, she was told that this word was old, Castilian Spanish and was a friendly, inviting greeting.

As kt reached this area, she ran into a wall of pungent chemicals that were unbreathable and intolerable forcing her to halt then back away. At this point, she was overwhelmed with the feeling that there were more beings in that part of the thicket—causing her to feel uncertain and scared. Although the witness had years of experience interacting with animals in jungles and swamps and was not easily intimidated, she could not classify this creature into any known scientific category.

Witness then reportedly jerked her dogs and ran the entire length of the lime grove to escape until she reached an active highway approximately a third of a mile away. The next afternoon, two government agents greeted her as she walked her dogs in the lime grove looking to see if the being would again be there. Witness reportedly frustrated the agents when they asked her if she had seen anything “weird” in the lime grove, lately. She did not trust the agents and was not sure what they might do if they were to capture the being.

Note: Interestingly, CGRP investigations have found the lime grove to be located on a large block of property (approximately two square miles) divided into several tracts owned by various branches of the United States military. Even more ironic is the fact that a CIA operation has been found on this block of land not more than 1.2 miles east of the lime grove. The current-day CIA operation is the remnant of the largest CIA base in history (during the 1960’s cold war era). This would account for where the government agents came from and why they knew something had happened. CGRP investigations also noted that Castilian Spanish would have been the language used by the first white explorers and settlers in Florida centuries ago (with St. Augustine notably being the very first American city to be established in the nation).
(right - Alan assembles composite satellite view of Lime Grove area)

A major world-class zoo (the Miami MetroZoo) exists on the large block of land approximately one-half mile east of the lime grove where the ET-type being and its ET-type animal were seen by the witness. Lastly, the University of Miami’s South Campus is also located on the property just a few tenths of a mile from the lime grove. Major animal experimentation and research has been known to be conducted by the MetroZoo as well as the University of Miami facility going back to the early 1950’s. In this case, CGRP notes that the military, the CIA, a world-class zoo, and a major university known for its biological research could conceivably be secretly connected to the encounter between the wildlife researcher and the otherworldly beings and their animal pet. Case warrants further investigation.

(below - composite satellite view)

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