The Owl & Deer Incidents

This case involved three primary events involving three individuals. A confirmed male abductee was driving his car home at approximately 6:35 pm EST on the evening of November 12, 2002, and was about to arrive home at the southern edge of High Point in North Carolina. He was accompanied by a 14-year old female. It was dark at this time. As the car crested a relatively shallow hill, the headlights immediately alerted the driver to an unusual sight. Standing in the lane approximately 18 inches from the shoulder of the small, two-lane residential road, a fully grown barn owl stood—perfectly still. The owl was squarely facing the oncoming car, and its round, black, glossy eyes seemed to be looking straight at the driver. The owl was standing just past the crest of the hill giving the driver very little time to react. To the driver, the animal seemed to be postured—as if it was waiting for the car to approach.

(Above - how owl may have appeared on actual sighting location)
(Below - view of sighting location from opposite direction)

The area was not a haven for such animals. The driver had lived in the immediate area for over 50 years and had never seen such a creature anywhere in the region. Wildlife was not very visible in such a populated area. The driver indicated that he at first thought the animal had escaped from a zoo. The animal did not look like it belonged to the area; though, no zoo was closer than 25 miles in any direction.

The driver did not have enough time to come to a complete stop without skidding. According to his account, he chose to swerve, instead, to the left enough to miss the creature. As he drove past the animal—being careful not to brush the animal—at a slowed down speed of only a few miles per hour, he noticed that the animal did not even flinch. The girl in the automobile happened to be digging through her purse at the time and missed the entire event. The driver brought the automobile to a gradual stop approximately 100 feet past the owl at the very bottom of the hill. Looking back, the driver saw the owl standing—still frozen like a statue. A few seconds later, the bird was seen to lean to its left (like a penguin) and pivot to the left enough to make a quarter turn facing the woods.

The driver had been having UFO sightings and indoor experiences of a mysterious nature for the past few years at the time and had read cases where alien beings were reported by abductees to have appeared on occasion as harmless animals—apparently by using a form of mind control. The most commonly reported animal images reported by abductees were those of deer and owls. He immediately thought of this and wanted to venture out of the car to see if the owl was really real. But, he immediately realized he had a passenger and could not guarantee her safety. He decided to drive onward and turn at the top of the next hill to arrive home. Heading out again, one hour later, there was no sign of the owl at the site.

The next day—at the exact same time of evening—the driver drove through the neighborhood and came to the same stretch of road where the owl encounter had taken place. He remembered the exact spot where the owl had stood. He also remembered how real the owl had looked. If it was any kind of illusion, he thought, it could have fooled any human being on earth. He stopped his vehicle at the bottom of the hill, again, at the exact same spot as before. He remembered having looked back at the bird from his car the night before and observed it to pivot a quarter turn. Suddenly, he was confronted with a problem. It was clearly too dark for him to have looked back and clearly seen the bird from the bottom of the hill. No street lights were located in the immediate area. The driver felt this was possibly an indication of mind control being used—like the cases he had studied. He could clearly remember seeing the owl, yet he could now plainly see that it was just too dark for the memory to be accurate—or real. Though, this was not enough evidence to prove a mind-control event—and a probable encounter with an alien being rather than a lost owl—it was enough to cause the gentleman to lean toward the likelihood that an alien encounter may very well have taken place. But, it would take more evidence to make that conclusion. The driver returned the next day and walked the area taking daylight pictures. Back in the woods roughly a hundred feet he noticed a field large enough to land a craft. The man wrote down a summary of the event—careful to note details and all abnormalities. Ironically, this was not the end of the story.

Approximately two weeks later, our investigations uncovered a lady who worked as a switchboard operator at the local hospital in High Point and was reporting her first UFO sighting. She had earlier claimed that she had always felt that something—possibly related to otherworldly happenings—seemed to be present in her life. She couldn’t explain why she had always felt this way; she had never seen a UFO or encountered any strange beings like some people report. The lady contacted us and told us that she had finally seen her first UFO. She had come home from her second shift job, one night, approximately 10:30 pm EST. As she turned in her driveway, she saw what appeared to be a relatively small light dancing and darting in the sky just above the trees behind her house. She wasn’t sure of the distance or the actual size of the object. But, she felt justified in calling it a UFO. She happened to reside in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of High Point approximately 4 miles west of the abovementioned owl sighting. When she gave us the exact date of the sighting, we looked at each other, surprised. It was the same evening as the owl encounter. The woman had not been told of the strange owl incident.

We proceeded to investigate another case that involved yet another female who had lived in the southern outskirts of High Point in the early 1980’s. This case involved a major UFO sighting with alien creatures reportedly being seen on the ground. We met at the site of the incident and talked at length with the lady as she recounted what had happened. At one point, we briefly mentioned that a strange incident with an owl had occurred, recently, in the general area. She instantly responded by telling us that she had recently had an unusual experience, herself, with a deer (approximately an 8-point buck, she claimed). This quickly became more important to us than the UFO incident we were investigating, so we asked her to elaborate.

The witness we were interviewing told us that she was a nurse at the local hospital in High Point and was driving home, as usual, from her second-shift job. She took rural roads the last few miles since she lived outside of town west of High Point and just north of the small city of Thomasville. While still two or three miles from home, she noticed a deer running alongside her car. (Note: The speed limits in this area are 45 mph and 55mph.) We asked her how fast she was going, and she said she had been driving the usual speed for that stretch of road. She continued to tell us that the deer kept even with her car and stared straight at her the entire time while galloping on the shoulder of the open rural road. This continued for approximately a mile, she added. She was not scared, just stunned, the entire time. She kept staring at the animal as it continued to stare at her. She slowed down and sped up at various times to see what the deer would do. It slowed down and sped up, accordingly. This puzzled her even more, she told us. Finally, approximately one mile from her home, she came to a complete stop in the road. The deer was seen to stop at the same time. The lady said that the deer just continued to stare at her for what seemed like a half-minute more, then suddenly turned, jumped a ditch, and ran into the woods—not to be seen again. Obviously, something wasn’t right, we quickly realized.

We asked her to think back and try to remember what night this incident with the deer had occurred. She took a moment to be sure then told us the date. We both looked at each other. It was the same night as the owl incident. It was also the same night as the other lady’s first UFO sighting behind her house. We thought it strange, too, that both women worked at the same place. We learned that they did not know each other. The time of the deer incident was roughly around the same time as the UFO sighting and just four hours after the owl incident. The UFO incident occurred approximately 4 miles to the west of the owl incident, and the deer incident occurred approximately 4 more miles west of the UFO incident—around the same time. All three events seemed to form a line running from east to west on a map.

We also asked the lady how the deer could have kept up with her car. But, she was at a loss for an explanation. She said that the entire incident just didn’t make sense to her, but this was the way she clearly remembered it. The lady showed considerable intelligence, was not interested in gaining anything from her story, and expressed a desire to find an explanation for what had happened to her. We continued to ask her about her past. She told us of several strange, seemingly paranormal, incidents occurring at various times in her life—some UFO-related and some more akin to supernatural events.

(Above right diagram shows relative incident locations in North Carolina)

Based on the data we collected during our entire investigation, we conclude that all three incidents on the night of November 12, 2002 were related and that the owl and the deer may not have been an actual owl and deer. Furthermore, the impossibility of the deer acting the way it did and keeping up with the car at speeds of approximately 45-50 mph—and the owl—clearly not native to the area—and not acting at all like a normal owl, plus a UFO seen in the area the same evening—all added up to what appeared to be mind control being used by someone in a clandestine way. A man had clearly remembered looking back and seeing the owl in an area too dark to be seen with just the glow of his brake lights. One of the two women couldn’t understand how a deer could keep up with her car and stare at her the entire time without losing its footing. Both people had prior histories of UFO sightings and other strange experiences. The lady who saw the UFO reported it to be her very first conscious sighting of a UFO—and she was in her 60’s. All three incidents involved each person being in an automobile. The owl incident occurred at approximately 6:35pm and the other two incidents occurred within minutes of each other—and within a few miles of each other—approximately four hours later at approximately 10:30pm. All three parties appeared to have no credibility issues to us.

We knew from previous research that alien occupants of UFOs have reportedly appeared to witnesses as deer or owls on occasion—the theory being that owls and deer are commonly perceived by most human beings as being harmless and nonthreatening—which would keep a person puzzled—but not panicky and hard to deal with. We had already concluded from previous cases that mind-control appears to be common to many cases involving UFOs and their occupants. Since one UFO was involved in the area’s activities on the same night, we concluded that all three events were UFO-related and were part of the same operation that evening. For all anyone knew up to this point, abductions could have taken place in each of the three cases without anyone knowing—and with memories being erased.

To further strengthen the case, a local psychiatrist—who we personally knew—reported to us, approximately two months later, that he had recently had a female patient to report to him that she had been driving down the road during the daytime—somewhere in the High Point area—and saw a large owl—not far away—perched on a tree limb—just staring at her, constantly. The psychiatrist reported to us that he asked her how long this went on. The woman told him that the owl continued to appear to her for quite a while, actually. He asked her for the approximate size of the owl—and she confidently told him at least “waist-high”. She seemed to know very little about owls--and the psychiatrist knew that this could not be possible. Owls do not grow to over half the size of a human being. He then asked her if she had thought it odd that she could continue to see this owl on the same tree limb despite the fact that she was travelling down a road in her car the entire time. She had apparently not thought about this and suddenly became confused in front of the psychiatrist but insisted this is the way she clearly remembered the incident. He did not press her for more information. He had never heard of this kind of event, before.
(Above - typical barn owl)

A short time later, the psychiatrist also talked to another patient who mentioned that she had been followed by a sizable owl over a period of time, recently. She told the psychiatrist this did not scare her, it just puzzled her. She had wondered if she was subject to hallucinations. The owl she reported to the psychiatrist seemed to be too large for a normal owl. And, it seemed to be interested in the female and would just stare a lot at her and seem to be around her on many different occasions—a form of behavior not known to be that of an owl. The lady could never remember it ever arriving or leaving—just that it was there.

After interviewing the psychiatrist at length, we learned that he had, himself, seen a UFO at close range on two different occasions earlier in his life. These were unmistakable metallic craft of unknown origin. The psychiatrist was a highly trained professional and had also spent over 20 years in the U.S. Army in the medical field and had not even thought about the incidents in a long time. He appeared highly credible to us.

Summarizing, our initial case investigation of a strange owl incident had mushroomed into a collection of strange events all happening in a brief period of time in the same general area involving people that we knew. Owls and deer were reported by various people who had no contact with one another. The owls were reported to have appeared and behaved in a fashion that was not realistic. One UFO was involved in our case investigation. And, because of the observed credibility of the witnesses and their testimonies, we were forced to conclude that UFO activity had occurred in the area with operations continuing for at least several weeks with mind control as a definite factor. For the sake of argument, it cannot be determined if actual alien beings from UFOs were interacting with (and possibly abducting) human beings and making them think they were seeing animals—but the evidence strongly leans in this direction. One other possibility would include real animals—but under the direction and mental control of someone. There is much room for further speculation in this case.

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