Most people don't know what to think when it comes to the paranormal. This is one of the reasons for creating The Caviness Report. As a field investigator and experiencer of the paranormal, I have found myself in many situations that required analyses as objective as I could possibly make. And it often was not easy. We all think, perceive and communicate with our own personal biases constantly tugging at us. I feel that when dealing with paranormal matters it is essential for one to be careful, cautious, and open-minded but not quick to draw conclusions from what one reads, hears, or even experiences-and I feel this is good advice for believers as well as skeptics. Sometimes, a supposedly paranormal experience can turn out to be nothing more than a dream that seemed unusually real-or a simple misperception of something seen at a distance or out of the corner of an eye. However, some assumed dreams can turn out to be real paranormal experiences, as well-and some perceptions accurate. One thing years of paranormal investigations have taught me is how little we humans know about the grand scheme of things and how complex it all can be. It is easy for us human beings to get things wrong. We have to navigate carefully through these waters if we want to reach the truth. And, a strong reverence for the truth is vital.

I have apparently had a long history of involvement-to some unknown degree-with someone or some thing beyond our human realm. This is another reason for The Caviness Report. For many years this apparent personal involvement remained obscure in my mind due to ignorance, denial and confusion. It always seemed as though something very faint in the back of my mind was always pulling at me, but I could never figure out what it was. Perhaps my subconscious was trying to tell my conscious mind something but could not overcome my lifelong cultural conditioning. And, I have found that I am not alone. In recent years, I have discovered that other people, too, in our society, have had to deal with occasional events of a mysterious nature in their lifetimes that involved brushes with something not commonly acknowledged by the human race with a feeling that something hidden is going on in their lives. I have since wondered just how many other human beings have silently carried paranormal experiences throughout their lives not being able to share them with the rest of the human race because of social barriers, denial and confusion. Once I double-confirmed that a paranormal world did indeed exist, I felt a strong compulsion to ignore those social barriers, denial and confusion. I wanted to add what I could to the general paranormal knowledge base that already existed from the research of others who had gone before me to try to help convince the rest of the human race that mysterious things are going on all around us that we know little or nothing about.

We humans rely heavily on our five senses. But not everything is detectable with our five senses. And, because we are all so vulnerable to what we cannot see, I feel that every single man, woman and child on earth should want to become aware of all things beyond our natural world.

The paranormal world, in its entirety, could entail things that are enlightening for the human race. And, it could also entail things that are harmful. Without knowing, we human beings are potentially vulnerable. I am now convinced that we humans reside in the middle of something very mysterious and unseen. Therefore, it seems prudent to me to try as hard as we can to find out what is going on beyond our normal realm. I think it is imperative for the human race to do so.

The human race is being "tinkered with" by someone or some thing that is carrying out some unknown agenda from beyond our realm of reality. Evidence points to genetic tinkering being performed by what we would consider to be ETs. This would seem to be a matter of great concern to any and all human beings.

The existence of ghost beings on earth upsets established religious views of the Heaven and Hell concept-or, where we go when we die. If a human soul leaves a body at death and becomes a "ghost" eventually fading into obscurity after so many years, then what eventually happens to that soul? This is not covered in religion. Most people in religion do not openly acknowledge the existence of ghosts. What causes a soul to become a ghost? Are religious views of the afterlife correct…or not? This would also seem to be a matter for great concern to any human being that will eventually face death, some day.

Overall, the paranormal world could actually be a good thing for the human race. But it is entirely possible that some of the continuous goings-on in it could be serving some other race's agenda-at the expense of the human race. For some reason, deception in various forms is an all too commonly found leading factor in investigations-especially in the case of what we call extraterrestrials-who are very elusive and very secretive. This, to me, means that if deception is necessary for them to use on us, then it is not likely a good thing for us. The fact is that we human beings, because of our lack of awareness, are very vulnerable to whatever is out there-whether it be ghosts, goblins, ETs, or something still unknown. I think we cannot as a race justify an "ignorance is bliss" mentality, here. Yet, that seems to be what we are doing. I do not think it is a good idea to ignore the world of the paranormal. Ultimately, it could even be vital to the long-term survival of the human race as we know it. It could be that we dwell in an unregulated universe that demands our awareness. There are few good reasons, if any, to think that we are alone. I see the universe as huge and full of mysteries. Fortunately, we don't have to leave Earth to seek and explore some of the mysteries that lie beyond our limited human world. But, it is important for us to find out what all surrounds us that we cannot readily detect with our natural abilities.

When it comes to paranormal matters, the world seems to be asleep. I think it's time to wake up.

The following includes events in my personal history that led me to eventually create this web site:

Between the ages of 5 and 7, I would occasionally awaken in the middle of the night and find that I could not move a single muscle in my body. I was somehow paralyzed. But even before I could get scared (as a small child naturally would), a very strong feeling of dread would overwhelm me and I would suddenly feel that something was only moments away from appearing in my bedroom- something overwhelmingly fearsome. I remember feeling very scared. Yet, I could not consciously figure out what exactly I was fearing. I would see the floor a few feet from my bed, if I was on my side, and certain inanimate objects would appear-two or three, I remember-the same ones each time. They would appear on the floor out of thin air. I do not currently remember what those objects were, but I believe that in reality I was made to "see" inanimate objects that were really masking living entities of some kind-an apparent manipulation of the human mind. And, in each case, despite feeling wide awake, I would not remember anything else except waking up the next morning. I believe that these experiences would occur on an average of once every month or two with some variation, if memory serves me correctly. I would fear from time to time that these "nightmares" would never stop.

By age 7, I was wishing very hard that the nightmares would somehow cease-as though someone could hear my wishes and stop them if they decided. It was as if my subconscious mind knew what was actually going on but my conscious mind-in some way-was not allowed to know. Of course, all this was far too much for a mere 7-year old to sort out. My parents would tell me that I was having nightmares. But, I knew what dreams were. This did not seem to have the nature of a dream or nightmare. Finally, at some point during the age of seven, the nightmare events stopped-at least no more conscious recollections of any of these events, anyway. And, over the next few years, I was very thankful and extremely relieved that I was no longer suffering from this. I felt as though someone had heard my mental pleas and decided to halt my suffering. Curiously, a few years later, I asked a few people if they had ever experienced waking up in bed not being able to move. No one I asked had experienced this. I assumed that I must have had some kind of mental condition, perhaps, that had brought on the paralysis condition. I had no desire to tell anyone of the nightmares-probably for fear of ridicule. For decades, I had no explanation for these events in my early childhood. But, I never became convinced that they were dreams.

I do not recall ever having any similar episodes of paralysis or strange nightmares again during my childhood. But, I do remember one likely related event occurring between my childhood and adulthood. At age fifteen, I was straddling my bicycle, standing, early one evening, at a quiet, residential intersection on my afternoon newspaper delivery route looking through my collections book to see what nearby customers had not yet paid their dues for that week. I was planning to knock on a few doors of my customers before going home. But, I remember looking ahead, and unexpectedly, I saw three small lights rising-a block or so away-above the tree line-on a large aircraft body that was strangely too dark to see despite the many street lights in the neighborhood. The craft was approximately the size of a dirigible-possibly larger-and was approaching me from in front but slightly off to my left. I didn't understand what I was looking at. The absence of sound made it seem strange, too. It was moving steady at a fairly slow clip-perhaps 30 mph or so-which a common airplane cannot do. I was convinced it was a single, large craft and not three separate lights. I remember a small red light on one side, a small blue light on the other side and a white light trailing behind. I later could not understand why I suddenly became disinterested in the object and looked back down at my collections book. I do remember looking upward once again at it as it got almost even with me not more than a few hundred feet away. I could see the small lights plainly but saw nothing of a body of the craft-which seemed strange to me as I thought about it later on. I had a passion for aviation and astronomy and most things related to the sky. Normally, even an ordinary airplane would get my attention enough to stare at it for a while-especially if it was only a few hundred feet from me and moving slowly. I should have been able to make out the body of the craft. Instead, I merely shrugged my shoulders and looked away-an unusual reaction for me.

I looked back down at my book. Strangely, I suddenly wanted to go home instead of knocking on doors to collect payments at the homes of my newspaper customers-even though I had felt I really needed to do so. For some unknown reason, I just wanted to go home early and call it a day.

I did not understand why my mother, the next day, asked me why I arrived home so late that night. When I tried to correct her by telling her I had actually decided to come home early, she insisted that I had come home very late, instead. I did not know what she was talking about. Though, now, it appears that I might have been taken from my bicycle by the unknown craft and later returned to the exact same spot-straddling my bicycle with any awareness of events completely wiped from my memory. How the aerial craft might have taken me is still bewildering to this day. But, the craft was there and I apparently had a couple hours of missing time that I could not explain.

I had become aware of unidentified flying objects (or, UFOs) just three years earlier and was interested in them after finding out that some serious people insisted they were indeed real. The next day after the strange event, I mentioned to my mother that I thought I may have seen a UFO-being that I could not identify what I had seen that night as anything familiar. Surprisingly, instead of dismissing me, she mentioned that her own mother saw one back in 1952. My grandmother happened to call that next day and asked me about my sighting. She was very adamant about UFOs being real.

I did not know about UFO-related abductions back then (and neither did anyone else) and did not tie apparent missing time to the sighting. Little information had been gathered on UFOs by then; researchers and investigators had focused primarily on sightings and descriptions of these mysterious craft and little else. Human abductions by UFO craft were to be uncovered and made public later in the 1980's starting with the famous case of Betty and Barney Hill in a 1961 abduction in New Hampshire. UFOs made headlines from time to time in newspapers and magazines, and I maintained an interest in these mysterious sightings from age twelve when I first learned that there were serious books published on their possible existence. But, I never concluded that the UFO I saw was an actual ET-piloted craft; I simply stayed bewildered for many more years. But something in the back of my mind kept telling me to never forget this event; later on, I might one day be better able to figure it out.

I cannot recall any other unusual events of a possibly paranormal nature during my childhood. At age twenty-three, however, and well clear of childhood, I went to bed one night unusually depressed due to personal conflicts that had been building up over time in my personal life. I had been experiencing a series of personal problems that were taking their toll on me. I remember going to sleep in a very deep psychological state due to weighty problems on my mind that particular evening. At some point during the night, I awoke with the paralysis, again. The first time since childhood. As I realized I could not move, I naturally began to get scared-possibly a programmed response from the early childhood experiences. However, just as I began to feel fear, something in my mind said that it was okay, not to worry, everything's alright. It seemed to be my own thought, but it came out of the blue and clearly not from me, as far as I could tell. Yet, as soon as this happened, a complete calm fell over me-again, without any help from me. It was as if I had been made to stop feeling the fear- something I could not consciously do-even in a dream.

I lay there, calm, and suddenly became aware of a growing presence of some kind just off the right side near the foot of my bed. I could not look over to it to see if anything was really there due to my inability to move. But for some strange reason, I knew exactly where it was located. I could not tell if there was a being there or something else. I heard nothing and smelled nothing. It did not move. But, I could feel its intensity growing steadily stronger for what seemed like a few minutes. This "intensity" gradually reached a peak as I lay there perfectly awake but alert and unable to move-wondering all the while what it was. Then, the intensity began to wane gradually at the same rate it had built up until there was no longer any feeling of its presence. It seemed as though the entire experience lasted several minutes. Strangely, I was still not scared. And, the paralysis eventually went away in the next few minutes as I expected. I then looked over to the exact spot near the bed where the source of the event occurred. As expected, there was nothing there. I lay there and wondered what that was all about and tried to make sure that nothing would stop me from remembering the experience the next day. Despite feeling wide awake, I then fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke the next day, I was relieved to see that I had remembered the event. But, unexpectedly, I began to feel that I had been given a message of some sort, telepathically, by whatever visited me. For all I knew, the mysterious source near my bed could have been an actual being of some kind or perhaps a portal, instead, where a message could be sent to me by something on the other side. As I went through my normal routine that next day, it seemed that some meaning of the event was starting to manifest in my mind. And, over time, things began to come to me.

Eventually, I did conclude that a message had been given to me-mainly to tell me not to worry about my personal problems-for things were going to change for me, personally, over a certain time frame in the very near future-that my life was going to take a new direction that would be better. Long story short: things did change in the time frame I had been given. I seemed to have been given a premonition of some kind that night that slowly came to me over a period of time. A "time-delayed" message received in some telepathic way. Whoever or whatever it was, I did not know; but, the visitor-or whatever it was-clearly did not strike me as an "angel" or a "ghost" in the traditional sense. But, from then on, I knew for certain that there was definitely a paranormal world of some kind that most of humanity knew little or nothing about. Curiously, my mental health gradually improved from that day forward and I never reached that deep a mental state again. Looking back, I do believe that my seriously depressed mental state had attracted whatever it was. And just like in my childhood, I was never able to entertain the notion that it all could have been a dream.

I feel certain that many other apparently paranormal events happened over my lifetime and were never remembered. All the events I do remember are therefore probably just a fraction of my total experiences. But, things did not stop at this point.

The next event I can remember that may have ties to the paranormal occurred fifteen years later and involves waking up one morning in a US Navy barracks with a small, pointy object protruding slightly from a place next to my navel. I could see the point (like the tip of a pencil) of something that seemed to be imbedded just under the skin-made of a plastic-like material the same color as fingernail. Strangely, every time I looked at it and wondered what it was, I immediately lost interest and would go about my normal routine. That was clearly not normal behavior for me, and I noted that-but, I would do nothing about it-as if I was programmed to leave it alone. I could grab it barely if my finger nails were long, but each time I tugged on the thing, it would not budge. It did not hurt at all, but the tissue immediately around it stayed infected for the several weeks it stayed there. It looked just like a pimple with the infected area around it. Curiously, I left it alone the entire time-as if I might have been subconsciously instructed to do so much in the way of a hypnotic instruction. I didn't know to tie this to alien abductions or anything else at the time. I knew almost nothing about those subjects back then. While aboard a US Navy ship a few weeks later, one of my crewmates noticed it while I was in the showers and suggested I get it looked at by the ship's medical staff. I told him it didn't bother me but I would think about giving the medical department a visit. However, I did not go. A few days later, the same gentleman asked me about it, again. I looked down, and it was gone. It was as if it had never been there in the first place. What makes this case so interesting to me, now, is the fact that, somehow, someone had secretly taken me out of a military barracks in the middle of the night on a military air base, implanted me with something then returned me back to where I was taken from-apparently without being noticed by anyone. Even more intriguing is the fact that while out at sea, apparently the same someone secretly removed me from inside a military aircraft carrier with a crew of 5,000-many of whom worked the night shift-removed my implant and secretly returned me to my location inside the ship without drawing any attention, whatsoever-to my knowledge. I had no conscious memory of anything paranormal happening during this time. I did not mentally tie this to anything paranormal, such as ETs, until much later after I was discharged from the US Navy when I became more knowledgeable about UFOs and alien abductions and such. By this time, TV documentaries on UFOs were becoming popular on cable television.

Up to this point, all I really felt I could conclude was that there definitely existed a paranormal realm with beings of some kind due to my bedroom encounter at age twenty-three. But that was all I could figure about the world beyond the human realm based on what all I had experienced. I believed at the time that UFOs flown by ETs were probably real, but I did not feel that real UFOs near Earth existed in large numbers. By this time, I had been an avid amateur astronomer with no strange sightings of anything anomalous in many years of stargazing (naked-eye as well as through sizable telescopes). But, things were about to change at this point.

I finished my time in the US Navy in 1992. In 1994, I had my own astronomy club in my home town. During one particular stargazing session, I observed a telescopic object in space-a craft that was not identifiable as anything currently manufactured and operated by the human race. I actually filed a UFO report and talked to a UFO investigator about my sighting. I could do little but wonder about it for some time. But, five years later, in 1999, I saw video on a TV documentary of the same type craft seen close to the ground in another part of the world.

This was a major revelation in my life. At this point, there was no longer any doubt that unidentified flying objects did indeed exist-especially in light of the fact that my sighting was confirmed to be an object in space high above earth's atmosphere-and too large in size to be any human-built satellite. I concluded that since some of these types of craft were seen over buildings in highly populated cities, a secret military project could be ruled out as a likely explanation. These were spacecraft that had been seen very close to the ground by hundreds and hundreds of people and acknowledged even by the military of that country. A top secret government project of this technological sophistication would not be exposed to the rest of the world for any sane reason. I had now confirmed that not only did some kind of unseen paranormal world exist; I had also confirmed that our skies were being overflown by craft of nonhuman origin directly observed to be capable of space flight.

I immediately began in earnest, at this time in my life, to find out what was going on. All my life I had thought that UFOs might be real. Now I knew they were. I also now knew that much alien interaction with individual human beings were reportedly taking place on a large scale-including alien abductions. But my next concern was where government officials were in all this. Surely, if I knew these things existed, they did, too. Why were they keeping it quiet? I decided to become an investigator and go out into the world and meet some of the other people who had also experienced UFOs to find out what the real situation out in the field might be. The books and magazines and TV documentaries were no longer enough to satisfy me.

Once I became a field investigator and researcher of UFOs, I began to have new sightings. And, I quickly realized there was no way these could be "random" sightings. I was meant to see them for some reason. This made me realize that I was being moved in the direction I was heading not due to my own desires but due to circumstances constructed by someone else-somewhere in the paranormal world. I began to update myself on what all knowledge had been gathered about UFOs since the 1940's when reports in numbers seemed to have started. By the year 2000, much had been learned thanks to tireless researchers over the previous decades to whom I owe much gratitude. Some of the testimonies from witness experiences had similarities to my own experiences. I was struck hard when I learned of a condition called, "Sleep Paralysis", associated with alien abductions and encounters with various types of other paranormal beings. It was believed that ETs first disable a human being by paralyzing them before carrying them away during an abduction. So, I wasn't the only one in the world waking up paralyzed in bed with weird events happening around me. There was nothing wrong with me, after all, it appeared. I had simply had experiences long before other people had begun talking about them.

Paranormal events-involving me-picked up in frequency immediately after I became an investigator. Occasional sightings of strange lights and sometimes craft. And, I immediately began having occasional experiences of sleep paralysis-for the first time since early adulthood. The paranormal world seemed to be knocking on my door. Circumstances would seem to lead me too often to other witnesses (as if randomly) telling me of their experiences and to places where I would have actual sightings of UFOs. These circumstances, I later learned and concluded, were due to synchronicity, a term used to explain unlikely situations that occur too coincidentally not to have been secretly orchestrated by some unseen entities. I was able to learn of the personal experiences of many others- some of who had experienced a lifetime of events going back to their childhoods. I was able to witness many more UFOs in the skies and even photograph one UFO-as well as other strange aerial anomalies that I have not figured out, yet. And even though most of my paranormal events had been UFO-related, I had also been able to record sounds made by apparent ghosts in a haunted location and pick up a few related images in photographs and video tape.

I now believe that I have been involved in paranormal events of some kind dealing with UFO-related entities all my life-going back to the childhood sleep paralysis and nightmares-and possibly back to my birth. I feel certain that a small percentage of these apparently paranormal events have ever been consciously recognized. I believe that once I became an investigator, as was apparently meant to be, I was allowed to become consciously aware of just enough to keep me convinced of the reality of the phenomenon and that if I would continue to pursue it and share what I leaned with the rest of the human race, more would be revealed to me over time. Perhaps this is all a part of a very gradual awakening for the human race to the fact that we are not alone and never have been. And the ETs had chosen me, it seemed--and many other individual humans around the world-to help alert the human race to their existence in a way that wouldn't breed panic and hostility. Over the course of time, I was able to document several more sightings and even indoor experiences with the UFO entities. Moreover, I had confirmed that ghosts did indeed exist in what we call the world of the supernatural.

There is much knowledge that has been gained by other researchers during my lifetime regarding the paranormal world. And some of it is coming to light. Many human beings are now engaged in exploring the subject. And, more people are coming forward with their stories. Plus, communications technology has never made it easier than now for anyone to share their knowledge and ideas about these mysterious matters. Even field investigations of ghosts and UFOs are frequently shown on television, these days. The public is gradually becoming more aware.

Dealing with the world of the paranormal is one giant mind game. Does a certain object or being exist…or not? Is something real, or is it nothing more than a misperception? An illusion? An hallucination? Since we human beings experience everything in daily life exclusively through our limited brains-and understand all things through our mental perceptions and naturally biased reasoning-plus gather continuous information at all times through our limited five senses……then anything that we do experience is ultimately a mental experience. But whether or not any of these paranormal mental experiences are the result of a real experience, one must learn to think outside the box and look for any seemingly anomalous, telltale signs. When it comes to reality, it could be that our concept of reality is actually limited and not complete.

There are many aspects of the paranormal world to explore-too many for any one individual. It will take a long time for researchers and investigators to confirm much of what is reported. And, some of the phenomenon may be evolving, too-especially the ET-related portion. This makes everything more complicated.

I have not been able to confirm every aspect of what I have explored thus far. But, fortunately, I have been able to confirm certain aspects-enough to know for an absolute fact that paranormal phenomena are real-from ghosts to ETs. In order to contribute the most I can to this web site, I have decided to focus primarily on what I have actually confirmed and know for myself to be real, beyond any doubt whatsoever. All other aspects of paranormal phenomena I will treat as speculation until proven-being careful not to draw conclusions too quickly or too often.

Among the phenomena I know for a fact to be real and will be explored in this web site are the following listed items:

These are the issues that will receive the focus of this web site.

- Alan Caviness