Alan visits Roswell New Mexico

Alan Caviness - A Personal Biography

I have always been interested in the paranormal world. Like most people, I have always wondered if any of it was real. Over my lifetime, I have held interests in several science and technology related subjects that have ultimately helped me in my quest for understanding the world around me. Aviation, astronomy, space travel, the incredible geology of this planet and its many diverse life forms—to name a few. Our world is truly an amazing place. Born with curiosity, I always wondered how all things originated. I have always wondered where I came from and if any of us human beings on Earth have actual ties to anything out there in the universe. (left- Comet Hyakutaki shot by Alan)

I pursued several of the above-mentioned interests over my lifetime. I logged 456 parachute jumps in the civilian community. Then, I spent ten years in the U.S. Navy as an aircraft maintenance technician—with lots of time on airfields and aircraft carriers. Also, two more years in the Army National Guard in the same capacity. And, I served in Desert Storm in 1991. While in the military, I spent a lot of time furthering my education in various universities and military schools. Afterward, I settled down to study my longest-running interest—the sky. I built a telescope and founded a local astronomy club.

For approximately fourteen years, I stargazed. And, for over twelve of those years, I saw nothing I would call strange. But, one evening, in 1994, I tracked in my telescope a spacecraft of unknown origin. Bothered by this for several years, I eventually found that the same type craft had been seen up close by many credible witnesses in another part of the world in the few years preceding my sighting. This naturally aroused a passion in me to find out what this thing could possibly be.

In 2000, I became certified by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as a UFO field investigator. I attended meetings and was able to meet others who had studied or actually seen aerial objects of unknown origin. In addition, I began to find, on my own, many others who also had experiences with unidentified flying objects. Surprisingly, MUFON showed little to no interest in what I was personally finding. I realized that I would have to strike out on my own to pursue these cases and become an independent field investigator.

I found that the UFO phenomenon was much bigger and broader than I had imagined—and that the people who reported sightings and personal interactions were generally too credible to downplay or not take seriously. I met people who introduced me to aerial unknowns that I saw, for myself, on many occasions.
(left - Alan with UFO investigator George Filer)

I learned from my own field experience how to investigate and document cases. I interviewed numerous people and found in many cases stories that could not have been fabricated. And, many of these people told me of ongoing histories involving paranormal experiences over their lifetimes. Although, it is debatable, I believe that UFOs—just like the supernatural—can be cataloged as “paranormal” to us human beings. Early on in my investigations, I was forced to concede that the UFO phenomenon was real and was much more a part of the human race than I could have ever anticipated. Most of these people were not imagining things, in my opinion. And, I began to realize that skepticism originated more from ignorance rather than knowledge.

One matter I did not anticipate was the apparent connection between UFO and alien-related events to supernatural events. I discovered, firsthand, that many people receiving UFO experiences were also receiving supernatural experiences, as well, to varying degrees. All this time, I had been investigating matters that anyone would agree are quite unusual; but, I found this apparent connection to be strikingly odd.

I could not, at first, see how an “ET-Supernatural” connection could exist—but, I kept running into the same situations as I continued my investigations. Another oddity—people who had experienced UFO/supernatural phenomena usually had parents and children also having experiences. Paranormal phenomena seemed to be running down through family lines for some reason.

(above - alien face anomaly photographed during UFO encounter)

I eventually began to explore, firsthand, the world of the supernatural. It did not take long for me to confirm the existence of ghosts. I was able to encounter an apparent ghost on my very first investigation—thanks to colleagues who talked me into going “ghost-hunting” with them to a known haunted location. I cannot say with certainty that ghosts are spirits of deceased human beings, however, there does exist something invisible and intelligent at the “haunted” location I investigated. Visual apparitions have been reportedly seen by some of my colleagues at that same location.

(photo taken by Alan at Spring Hill Cemetery near High Point, NC)

I am convinced that people are not making up most of the cases I have explored. Hoaxers have taken up much less than five per cent of all my investigations. I can now say with certainty I have clearly confirmed for myself that paranormal phenomena do indeed occur in our world. Skeptics tend to think that these experiences dwell only in the imaginations of the experiencers. If this was the case, I would have to also include that some of these experiences had to dwell in the imaginations of myself and other colleagues at the same time and also in the imagination of my still camera and video camera. I do contend that all our human experiences in life are “mental” experiences—because that’s where everything that happens—through our five senses—registers.

(right - Budd Hopkins shows Alan his latest book)

Then, we are left with the question of whether mental “paranormal” experiences are the result of actions performed by sources outside the human mind. In other words, are they simply mental experiences? Or, are they actually real? A thought, itself, is intangible, and no one can put it in a beaker and repeatedly test it. It does not seem to even fit anywhere in our physical universe. Yet, a thought can routinely cause physical actions to take place. The fact is…no one knows what a thought actually is. Members of the science community can no more define a “thought” than they can “reality”. One thing my investigations have taught me is how little we really know about anything.

Fortunately, there have been many people over the years who have been trying to wake up the human race to the fact that reality extends well beyond the human five senses—and probably beyond the human imagination, as well.

It is a big cosmos out there.
My intention is to help open the door a bit wider for a better peek.
And, this is basically who I am.